Fortnite streamer shares “insane” wedgie videos sent to his girlfriend from a desperate fan

Jeremy Gan
Fortnite streamer shares "insane" wedgie videos sent to his girlfriend from a desperate fanEpic Games

Fortnite star Stable Ronaldo shared a series of “insane” wedgie videos that were sent to his girlfriend from a desperate fan.

When it comes to fans on social media, they can be a questionable bunch at the best of times. Some are nice people who give gifts to streamers to show their appreciation, however, some can be quite extreme or even downright peculiar. 

Be it the more nefarious acts such as doxxing or stalking of streamers, or the more absurd acts like sending suspicious packages and videos, plenty are just seeking attention.

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Fortnite streamer Stable Ronaldo was part of the latter, sharing the questionable videos a fan had been sending his girlfriend.

The videos in question are of the fan giving himself a wedige by hanging his underpants on a tall object and launching into the air. 

“This has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Ronaldo wrote of the videos. “Angie has this dude who DMs her videos of him wedging himself. This s*** is INSANE.” 

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And in the two videos he shared, we can see the fan hanging himself by his underwear on gym equipment, and even a fence in the middle of nowhere. 

Naturally, reactions to the unsolicited wedgie videos were a mixture of disgust and hilarity. “Could’ve gone my whole life without seeing this,” a commenter said of the videos. 

“I speak for everyone when I say you should have kept this to yourself,” another commenter said. “Ronaldo what the f*** is this?”

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Of course, there is a whole community of those into wedgies in the BDSM circle, with a whole fetish culture brewing around it. However, you should probably not be sending it unsolicited to streamer’s girlfriends.

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