Dream reveals Quackity SMP drama resulted in threats, stalking & police involvement

Dream has once more clarified the drama between himself and Quackity amidst the recently announced USMP and QSMP Minecraft servers, also revealing the drama resulted in threats, stalking and the involvement of authorities.

At the beginning of April, Dream and Quackity announced their new projects, the United SMP and QSMP, respectively. The idea was to gather content creators that speak different languages, essentially bringing communities together.

Both YouTubers hoped for their project to be the first multi-language Minecraft server — while unknowingly, they both had the same idea and worked on them at the same time behind closed doors.

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However, instead, the recently announced SMP servers have caused drama. While Dream addressed the situation in an April 10 tweet — revealing that the two worked on their own projects privately at the same time, which in turn accidentally clashed — the YouTube star has since released another statement clarifying the situation.

Dream clarifies Minecraft SMP drama

On April 27, Dream put out another statement addressing the drama, this one being a lot more personal. “When me and my friends started working on the United SMP, the QSMP had not been announced at all and Quackity had kept things very close to his chest with what he was working on,” the Minecraft star wrote.

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“We were all probably thinking the same general thing: We need another Minecraft server to play on.”

The YouTuber added: “The idea was just to have a server to be able to just hop on Minecraft and play survival Minecraft again, and after Squid Game, we all agreed that it would be awesome to have it be creators from around the world. So I instantly started working on the translation mod, and was really excited to storyboard ideas for the SMP.”

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He continued: “After the QSMP was announced, I was surprised and reached out to Quackity, expressing support for the project and letting him know I was working on something to bring creators from around the world together too, and that we should chat about it!

“His SMP announcement didn’t mention any translation stuff, and was English and Spanish based, so I still was thinking that, conceptually, they were different enough to co-exist, and even was hoping to share the mod with Quackity if he was interested in using it.”

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Dream then revealed Quackity didn’t reply to him at the time, where he then reached out to multiple members of the QSMP — who were also interested in playing in the United SMP — and was met with “varying reassurance” that the QSMP is simply a passion project to bring together the English and Spanish communities.

Following the official announcement of both servers, Dream explained he reached out to Quackity again, noting the tension that was building between their fan bases – although he was still met with no response.

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According to Dream, he attempted several more times to reach out to the QSMP founder in hopes of resolving the situation and putting a stop to the ongoing war between their communities — which he claimed could’ve been avoided by “communicating” and “setting boundaries.”

Dream further claimed that members of the QSMP and nonmembers that were friends attempted to reach out to Quackity to get clarity, although he says “there were no responses” and it was alluded that creators “wouldn’t be allowed to play on both servers.”

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“I was still incredibly confused, and I continued to reach out and have even put my project on hold to try and work out what was going on behind the scenes and extend love and support to Quackity and everything he has done publicly,” Dream said.

Dream reveals SMP drama resulted in police involvement

The Minecraft star began explaining how the situation is harmful to the community as a whole, before adding that he’s experienced an “elevated level” of threats, stalkers, and trackers being placed on family vehicles – all leading to the involvement of the police.

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“This is all about uniting the world and communities and sharing positivity around the world,” he said. “I love everything that Quackity’s done and I really believe this is a big miscommunication that we’ll all be able to laugh about down the line together.

“It’s really not worth all the drama. I want to play Minecraft with friends again, and really can’t wait to start doing it again soon.”

He added: “This is all about uniting the world and communities and sharing positivity around the world.”

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Going forward, Dream will be changing the concept of the United SMP for Quackity’s sake, where the server will undergo a different structural format to differentiate itself from the QSMP.

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