Kick streamer goes viral for awkwardly confronting girlfriend over old YouTube videos

Theo Burman
Kick streamer confronts girlfriend

A Kick streamer who confronted his girlfriend for appearing in some old YouTube videos was blasted online after the clip went viral.

Kick Streamer HarmoniousYuriy, known mostly for IRL streams and Just Chatting content, found clips of his girlfriend while looking through chat. The clips showed her recording an update-style vlog with two of her friends, with the video being dated as ten years old.

Yuriy’s reaction was surprisingly emotional; the streamer seemed outraged at the idea that he didn’t know about these videos. He said: “Riley never told me about this. This is news to me, right now. I thought she would have told me about something like this.”

He then immediately phoned his girlfriend while on stream, demanding an explanation while putting her on speakerphone.

“How are you not going to tell me about something like this? That’s weird. I’m surprised you never told me this. I found out from the chat.”

His girlfriend maintained that she had simply forgotten about the videos as it was a long time since they’d been made. She was also confused about why it was such a big deal to the streamer.

He replied: “It feels like I’ve been lied to. I don’t even know who those people are. You were relying on the fact that I wouldn’t find out.”

The video was slammed on Twitter, with one commenter saying the streamer was “mentally and emotionally a fetus”.