Forsen says he feels “unappreciated” after returning from Twitch suspension


Twitch star Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors said he thinks his communities’ contributions to the streaming platform  don’t get the credit they deserve, leaving him feeling a bit “unappreciated.”

Forsen rose to fame by competing professionally in StarCraft II and Hearthstone, and now is one of the biggest, most established channels on the site.

That wasn’t enough to save the Swedish streamer from catching an indefinite ban after he inadvertently showed a GIF that broke Twitch’s Terms of Service and sent in by a viewer on stream.

He’s now returned and shared some thoughts on the suspension with viewers, and why he doesn’t feel like his community gets the credit it deserves sometimes.

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Instagram: @nanisday
The Swedish streamer has a loyal, if not rowdy, following.

Even though he’s not the number one streamer on the platform based on any parameter, that doesn’t mean Forsen doesn’t necessarily contribute to the site in other ways.

“To sum it up, I feel a little underappreciated,” he told viewers. “You know, I might not have the most viewers, the most subscribers, or bring in the most ad money or whatever on this platform, but I do have like an aura effect, ok maybe aura isn’t the best word.”

It wasn’t a bad choice of words though, because Forsen does sort-of buff his fellow streamers, like those who play World of Warcraft, because his community comes up with all kinds of memes and inside jokes, which eventually find their way to other channels.

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“What I’m trying to say is that 9/10 good memes/inside jokes come from this community and spread to other communities,” the streamer argued. “So, other communities have more fun, right? And then those viewers stay on Twitch longer.”

The list of widespread Twitch memes that have been credited to Forsen’s community is pretty long, and in almost any stream on the site with active chat, you can find someone using at least one of them.

“Pepelaugh, he doesn’t know, omegalul, pepega,” he said listing some of the more well-known examples. “So yeah, basically in the Twitch raid, I don’t have the most DPS.

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“But, in boomer WoW that f***ing one-off Shaman you brought because he has Bloodlust that gives everyone 30% more damage? I’m the Shaman that brings the most damage to the raid.”

If Twitch didn’t have all of the inside jokes and memes that it does, it’s not hard to see how people might spend less time on the site.

As annoying as they can be, they’re also extremely entertaining at times, and a lot of them did come from Forsen’s fans, so maybe the streamer’s comments and sentiment are warranted in this case.