Floyd Mayweather isn’t worried about “punishing” Logan Paul over Jake Paul’s hat stunt

Virginia Glaze
Floyd Mayweather not upset Jake Paul hat stunt

YouTube star Logan Paul and retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather are set to throw down on June 6 — but their friendly exhibition match got interrupted by a totally unexpected stunt from Jake Paul.

After months of delays and speculation, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather set a date of June 6 to finally touch gloves in the boxing ring. On May 6 — a month prior to their bout — Logan’s little bro, fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, began antagonizing his opponent.

Throughout their press conference that day, Jake taunted Mayweather, touching his leg while he was on stage and even untying his shoe before confronting him after the interviews were over.

After getting in Mayweather’s face, Jake snatched the champ’s ball cap and ran off, chanting the now-infamous phrase, “Gotcha hat!”

Mayweather was understandably furious, and chased after the self-proclaimed “Problem Child,” even threatening to “kill” him over the incident; but come June 3, the 50-0 champ appeared calm and composed.

When asked if he hoped to punish Logan for his little bro’s antics, Mayweather claimed that he wasn’t necessarily looking to settle any kind of grudge.

“I don’t really worry about that,” he answered during the June press conference. “This is easy. It’s what I do. I’m a fighter. I don’t worry about anything. I’ve been pro for years, seen every style, and came out on top.”

Logan Paul vs Mayweather poster
YouTube star Logan Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will face off on June 6.

When asked why he got so angry at Paul, Mayweather claimed that it was all about respect — which he says Jake didn’t have in regards to him.

“I’m not upset at all,” he answered. “My thing is this… There’s a difference between respect and disrespect. There was untying my shoe. My children’s mother passed away last year, [an he was] talking about her. Touching my hat. So, it’s all about reciprocation. Treat people how they want to be treated. …Jake Paul has nothing to do with this event.”

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As for his actual opponent, Mayweather says that he similarly isn’t worried about their difference in stature, stating that “I’m fighting a YouTuber who thinks he’s a real fighter!”

Fans can tune into Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather via Showtime PPV at 5 PM PST on June 6.