FaZe Clan reveal details of lucrative contracts they offered Tfue prior to lawsuit

Albert Petrosyan

FaZe Clan have posted details about the multiple contracts they offered their star Fortnite BR pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney amid the ongoing controversy regarding his lawsuit against the organization. 

The drama between Tfue and FaZe Clan has been swirling in the esports community for days now, and things got as intense as ever when the star streamer posted a video demanding that FaZe make his contract public for everyone to see.

In response to that video, FaZe have now posted one of their own, which goes over all of the new contracts they proposed to him prior to the lawsuit being filed. 

At the start of the video, longtime member CBass reveals that FaZe were in talks with Tfue to improve his “starter” deal ever since they brought in new management, sending a much-improved agreement as early as September of last year.

“We knew how valuable a healthy relationship with Turner would be to us, so we immediately started making strides to come up with a new version to present to Tfue,” he said. “Unfortunately, that relationship, in terms of communication around the renegotiation, didn’t go that well.”

FaZe Clan - YouTubeThis redacted version of an early contract shows that FaZe offered Tfue a new deal back in September 2018.

As far as the contracts go, both CBass and CEO Lee Trink said that they made numerous offers to Tfue, including ones that would pay him seven-figures a year and included no splits, which means FaZe would have no legal right to take any piece of revenue that Tfue generated.

Trink revealed that they had sent Tfue updated agreement offers on September 28, January 24, April 3, and even as recently as May 20, offering to remove any clauses from his existing contract that gave FaZe the right to take 20% of revenue, which they claim to have never exercised anyway.

Trink, of course, has already claimed that Tfue never wanted to sign a new contract, and instead wanted to be free from his current deal so that he could go on to create his own esports organization, putting FaZe in an “impossible” situation. 

KEEMSTAR - YouTubeFaZe CEO Lee Trink appeared on KEEMSTAR’s DramaAlert YouTube show to talk about the ongoing lawsuit drama.

Another topic specifically addressed in the video was the Epic Games Support-a-Creator code for Fortnite BR, which Tfue obviously has and likely generates a lot of revenue from.

Since the news of the lawsuit went public, many have speculated that FaZe make a lot of money from that creator code revenue, which isn’t the case, according to CBass.

“We’ve seen a little miscommunication in terms of community understanding about in-game items, and what that might mean, and what the applied to,” he stated. “Let us be very on the record right now, that has nothing to do with Support-a-Creator codes. In fact, we as a company have never taken on our own.”

The entirety of FaZe’s May 23 video can be seen below:

Of course, at the end of the day, while this video does serve as a response from FaZe to Tfue’s video, it still doesn’t actually reveal the terms of his existing “starter” contract, which Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks himself has admitted to being “horrible.”

Furthermore, all of the documents shown in the video are mostly blurred out and redacted, and while that was likely done to avoid legal issues, it still prevents everything CBass and Trink said in the video from being confirmed to be fully and unequivocally true. 

As always, we will continue bringing you updates on this Tfue-FaZe saga as more information becomes available.