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Pokimane calls out KEEMSTAR for ‘biased’ Drama Alert interview with FaZe Clan CEO

Published: 23/May/2019 22:46 Updated: 24/May/2019 1:12

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has called out Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem after he uploaded a Drama Alert video talking about Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s FaZe Clan contract.

In the video uploaded May 23, KEEMSTAR interviewed FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink, allowing him to air his side of the ordeal to the public.

When talking about Tfue’s contract which leaked previously, Trink claimed that a completely different team put Tfue’s contract together and once Trink took over, he amended the contracts for anyone new signing into the Clan, with Tfue still signed to the old one.

TFUEFaZe CEO claims that Tfue is trying to start his own organization.

Trink also said that Tfue’s intentions when starting the lawsuit were to break out of his FaZe contract so he could start his own organization, stating, “He was actually never interested in creating a new deal. What he was interested in was creating a competing org. That’s impossible. We’re never going to get there.”

Pokimane wasn’t too happy about the interview and shared her thoughts to her viewers during a livestream, saying, “You guys have to be very careful about what you trust on the internet, okay? I think it is inappropriate for KEEMSTAR to be making a video like this.”

“Knowing his relationship with FaZe and with [Ricky] Banks, there is no way for him not to be biased, okay?” she rants, visibly upset by the video’s contents. “I promise you, you will never see KEEMSTAR say anything bad about FaZe. Never.”

While KEEMSTAR isn’t officially affiliated with FaZe Clan, he has a longstanding history of being friends with various members of the org, leading to Pokimane’s comments.

We certainly don’t need any more beef added to the Tfue and FaZe Clan debacle but it’s understandable that with a situation this colossal, influencers would have heated opinions, especially when they air such a big portion of their lives online.

But this wouldn’t be the first time that Pokimane and KEEMSTAR have fired shots at each other – the pair have been at each other’s throats for a while.

Instagram: PokimaneLoLPokimane has been bumping heads with KEEMSTAR for a while.

Pokimane and KEEMSTAR’s long-running beef

KEEMSTAR called the female Twitch star a “fake bitch” in November after they got into a Twitter spat over him allegedly “hating on innocent fans”.

The pair sent a series of Twitter videos back and forth, before the Drama Alert host uploaded a clip where he accused her of “being on a pedestal” and dropped the “fake bitch” insult.

Pokimane then clapped back, tweeting, “Resorting to cheap shots for easy Twitter likes, a classic grown man’s move. I’ll just end by saying that the fact you deleted your Tweets is enough proof that even you think what you did was messed up.”

It wasn’t long before they argued again, with KEEMSTAR uploading a video by YouTuber ‘Memology’ to Twitter captioned ‘Pokimane: Gotta Strike Them All.’

The video calls out Pokimane for allegedly abusing YouTube’s copyright system, going into detail about a time the creator received a copyright strike against his channel for using a clip she owned in one of his videos.


Nessa Barrett hits back at claims she was shading Mads Lewis

Published: 25/Oct/2020 2:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Nessa Barrett has been accused of throwing Mads Lewis some shade after hiding comments from fans on Twitter suggesting the two collaborate, but the TikTok star has hit back and claimed nothing was shady about it at all.

Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis were inseparable once upon a time. The two of them were an unstoppable force, with millions of fans between them across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Unfortunately, it seems like their friendship came to a bitter end after Nessa Barrett stopped following Mads Lewis on social media and deleted the many pictures she had of them posing together.

However, Mads is still following Nessa on Instagram and hasn’t taken down their pictures together, which had led to their fans and followers believing the bitterness is one-sided. Some have even speculated that their falling out might tie into the drama between Nessa and Chase Hudson.

Either way, it seems like something happened between them. Now, Nessa Barrett has been accused of adding more fuel to the fire after many claimed she shaded her ex-best friend once again.

Nessa Barrett Mads Lewis
Casius Dean Photoshoot
Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis were the best of friends.

Did Nessa Barrett shade Mads Lewis on Twitter?

Nessa Barrett posted a harmless Tweet stating, “Feature ideas for a song or just curious.” However, many of her followers weren’t sure what she meant and chimed in with countless collaboration suggestions.

A portion of them rummaged through a list of replies she had hidden and discovered Mads Lewis was a common denominator. “Pleasure feature Avani or Mads or Josh,” wrote one fan. “MADS,” and “Madison Lewis,” wrote two others.


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people peeped that #nessabarrett hid these replies on her tweet

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Some of them found it a little odd and claimed it was another example of her throwing Mads Lewis some shade.

This prompted Nessa Barrett to respond, saying, “A lot of [people] didn’t know what I meant and were commenting song ideas to my tweet so I liked the first one that I saw was actually giving me feature ideas,” she said.

 “Nothing [about] this was supposed to be shady,” she added. “I just liked the first one that I saw.”


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[CHECK RECENT] #nessabarrett clears things up

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Needless to say, the situation and her response sparked a bit of division on social media.

Some believe there is unquestionable truth in her words, and the whole situation has been blown way out of proportion.

Others claim it’s pretty clear Nessa Barrett wasn’t keen on seeing Mads Lewis name in the suggestions, so she filtered them out.

Either way, it seems like the falling out is still fresh, and they won’t be mending their friendship anytime soon. However, time heals all wounds, and many mutual fans would love to see them reunited once again down the track.