FaZe Banks accuses Tati of exploiting James Charles drama to make money

James Charles, Tati Westbrook - Instagram / Ricky Banks, YouTube

The feud between popular beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook has taken another dramatic turn, after Charles exposed Tati’s “lies” in a forty-minute long video – and FaZe co-owner Ricky Banks isn’t convinced the drama came out of nowhere.

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Banks published a series of Tweets following the release of Charles’ “No More Lies” video on May 18, where he appeared to accuse Tati of using her beef with Charles as a way to promote her vitamin brand, ‘Halo Beauty.’

“Just watched James Charles’ video and holy fuck, did his friends do him dirty,” Banks began. “The entire internet did him soooo dirty. I mean I mean the proof is in the ‘receipts’ right?”

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Banks went on to point out Tati’s damning text sent to Charles about a waiter he allegedly sexually harassed during her birthday party, where she wrote, “You’re supposed to hook up with the waiter, not marry him.”

That wasn’t the end of his rant, by far; Banks went on to demand that Tati reveal Halo’s profits following the release of her initial video, which she claimed was brought about by Charles promoting her direct competitor, SugarBearHair.

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“Hey Tati, would it be too much to ask to share Halo Beauty’s sales report over the last month?” Banks asked. “I think we’d all appreciate/like to know the impact this scandal had on your products success. If none of it was about vitamins then it really shouldn’t matter, right?”

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Banks likewise claimed that the fans of both YouTubers were the true victims of the scandal, wondering how many viewers felt sorry for Tati and bought her vitamins in response to their feud.

Banks isn’t alone in his thinking, either; YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg expressed similar sentiments during a ‘Pew News’ segment on the topic, where he called her viral “Bye Sister” video an advertisement for Halo Beauty.

“What has that to do with Tati’s brands?” Felix laughingly said of the video. “This is an ad.”

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In fact, Charles even thanked PewDiePie for giving him advice in a video dissecting his initial apology a day prior, where Kjellberg expressed major doubts that Charles would come back from the scandal.

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Charles’ “No More Lies” video has since resulted in a major subscriber shift for all parties involved, with Tati losing subs at a fast rate while Charles looks to regain his 15 million sub count.