Twitch streamer quits his job on camera after reaching 1,000 subs

DKane, Twitch

Twitch is a hive for hilarious moments, unexpected slip-ups, and other crazy hijinks – but one streamer decided to orchestrate a major life change during one of his IRL broadcasts.

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It’s not every day that an internet personality will decide to quit their day job in favor of full-time streaming, but that’s exactly what Twitch streamer Dkane did during a May 17 broadcast, after hyping up his decision for some time.

In fact, DKane reached a milestone of 1,000 subscribers that day, prompting him to go into work with a singular purpose: to quit during his live stream and film his boss’s reaction.

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DKane, TwitterDKane is a popular Twitch streamer and brother to Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, currently living in a streaming house with other top personalities.

“Hey, guys, today’s the day,” DKane said after walking into this boss’s office. “I quit.”

DKane panned the camera to get a look at his boss’s reaction, who merely gave a highly unamused expression in response to the streamer’s announcement before turning back to his computer monitor.

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“Wait, that’s it?” DKane replied. “That’s your response?”

“I got no response for you, since you don’t respond to my text messages,” his boss answered.

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DKane went on to admit that he was so nervous he was shaking, afraid that his employer would “backhand” him in response to his decision.

Of course, DKane wasn’t free to leave just yet; he got called back into his boss’s office after walking away, with his employer audibly asking him to turn off his camera before delving into further discussion.

DKane even posted a Tweet on the matter, claiming that he had no other choice now but to “keep bustin’ my ass streaming for you guys” after quitting his day job in retail.

Reactions to DKane’s decision were largely mixed, with some commenters worried that his Twitch career would go downhill following his exit, while others claimed that it would be easy for him to find another job just like it, should things fall through.

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DKane is the brother of popular Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, and lives in a streaming house with the likes of Mitch Jones, Pink Sparkles, and other popular IRL broadcasters on the platform.

Reactions to DKane quitting his job on stream were largely mixed, with some commenters worried that his Twitch career would fall through, leaving him unable to support himself.

DKane currently boasts over 36,000 followers on Twitch, while developments in his subscriber count have yet to be revealed following his job change.

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