Faith Ordway interview: TikTok, boxing, and connecting with fans through her upcoming app, “Squads”

Marc Griffin
Faith Ordway on TikTok

Faith Ordway is a popular content creator on TikTok who dabbles in many of the app’s latest trends. But Faith wants people to know she’s more than a “pretty face”- she’s a force.

Joining the social media app in 2019, Faith Ordway quickly rose in popularity for her dance videos uploaded to TikTok. But, 4-plus million followers later, Ordway is looking to expand and diversify her passions.

Faith has begun using her newfound success to explore various passions. She is currently taking up boxing and even became an ambassador of a forthcoming social media influencer app called “Squads.”

We got the chance to catch up with Faith to discuss her meteoric rise on TikTok, her love for boxing, and her involvement on the “Squads” app.

Faith Ordway on TikTok
Faith Ordway currently has over 4 million followers on TikTok.

Faith Ordway finds her career on TikTok

Although Faith is one of the biggest figures on the video-based app now, her initial ambitions as a content creator weren’t as glorious. Coincidentally, she had no intention to create a TikTok account, let alone take it seriously, were it not for the advice of close friends.

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“I never really used it, but I was always around my friends who were always on it posting funny videos, and they told me I should get one. So I had joined [TikTok] around the end of my senior year of high school, because why not.”

“I didn’t really think of TikTok as a place where I could ‘grow.’ Actually, I literally got zero views when I first started. But then, once I began taking the initiative to post and doing nature exploring, thrifting videos, dancing, a theme, I began to grow to where I am now sitting at 4 million followers. Still, it’s so crazy to me.”

With this newly acquired popularity, the fame has presented a moment of growth for the twenty-year-old TikToker – a moment to explore facets of her passion.

Faith Ordway on TikTok
Boxing became a passion for the TikToker and ever since she has been consumed with learning everything all that she can.

Boxing as a mental release and a passion

Faith has been open about making sure that, during her rise to fame on TikTok, she takes time to tend to her mental health.

With eyes on her actions magnified through her art of content creation, Faith made sure to get away from the app and into a newfound sanctuary for her mental and physical health: The boxing ring.

When asked about her relationship with boxing, the content creator began teeming with joyous emotion. She explained that, once she saw the mental and physical benefits, her desire to enter the boxing realm intensified.

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“So, I was introduced to boxing through my now ex-boyfriend. I saw that he was boxing and had gotten into crazy good shape. Seems overall good, so I felt I could do this!”

“From the moment I got into the gym and started training, I immediately realized that I can eat whatever I want. Not only that, but I am in a better place mentally as I add more substance to my career. From the beginning to where I am in my career, my content was built around my physical appearance. Adding that substance of training, working towards something, and showing that I’m passionate about boxing proves I’m more than a pretty face, but a force.”

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“My goal is to get a couple of matches in the coming months to a year. Boxing is so freeing for me; it allows me to stay active and work off the usual stresses I get from life, so I want to take it as far as possible to keep that mental benefit going. I’ve gotten pretty good for someone who does TikTok, so I feel I’m headed in the right direction.”

Squads life app
Squads is an app that connects content creators with their fans.

“Squads,” the next step in fan engagement

Faith allowed her passions and goals to add substance to her career towards something that, compared to the aforementioned physical sport, may be more in tune with what some people expect from her. Serving as one of the founding creators of an upcoming web3 app called “Squads,” Faith is adding another jewel in her crown.

As described through our interview, the web3 app “Squads” is an iOS creator platform founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Kendall Hope Tucker, founder and former CEO of Knoq, and technologist Michael Garon, former Chief Technology Officer at Knoq. “Squads” connects fans with their favorite content creators in a way that mimics a fan club.

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Through the purchase of “creator coins,” fans are granted access to Faith’s specific squad. Through the purchase of additional coins, they are granted more access to the influencer through exclusive content.

Faith describes the new app as a way to build a bridge between her world and that of her fans.

“So, I love the idea personally, because ‘Squads’ is a way to get closer to your fans and give them content access that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The biggest things I love are that ‘Squads’ grants opportunities like playing video games with me, getting a flight to visit me, and a personalized one that I came up with is giving ringside tickets to people who want to attend my boxing matches.”

“I don’t really get involved in projects that I personally don’t believe in. I haven’t seen an app that does the same job like this one, and if there are other apps, ‘Squads’ does a better job as it keeps you genuinely connected with your supporters. So please stay tuned for this new app. I’m proud of what we have!”

Faith Ordway is an extraordinarily positive and driven spirit whose work on TikTok exists as a surface to the ambitious content creator. With the “Squads” app on the horizon, Faith preparing for her first real boxing match, and her life on TikTok just beginning, we’re thrilled to see where she goes next.