How to get TikTok’s viral El Gato Cat printout

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TikTok users are enamored with the El Gato Cat printout that’s accumulating tons of likes on the social media app. Here’s how you can get your hands on the adorable paper cat. 

When items go viral on TikTok, you can almost bet that the product will see a significant influx of sales. 

By sharing their latest purchases on the app, people have helped other users discover new products they didn’t realize they were missing out on. An example of this can be found in a recent viral moment where $30 Steve Madden bags were all the rage. 

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Another product has seen a rise in popularity on TikTok, as the adorable El Gato Cat printout becomes the latest product to go viral. The beauty of this cute kitty is that you can get one free of charge. 

El Gato CatTikTok: @knybrainrots
A TikToker puts together a cutout of the El Gato Cut

Where did the El Gato Cat trend come from?

The trend first began with a bit of a misunderstanding. In a viral video using a TikTok original sound from Demon Slayer titled “Sonido original,” people thought the sound bite was saying “El Gato” – when in actuality, the sound bite was saying “arigato,” the Japanese phrase for “thank you.”

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As with most audio on the video-based app, the sound went viral, and people began using it in videos that featured a paper printout of a cat.

How to get the TikTok viral El Gato Cat

If you have been bit by the viral bug and those precious printout cats have gotten your attention, you can grab your own El Gato Cat from

Just search “munchkin kitty” on the site, and you will be able to find and print out your own feline figurine.

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The good thing about the El Gato trend is that it is entirely free, so you can print out as many kitty cats as your heart desires. And if you decide you want to contribute to the trend differently, go for it; some TikTok users have used real cats and other versions of the El Gato Cat printout in their own spins on the trend. 

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