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FaZe Clan’s Cloak Confirms when Tfue Will Be Unbanned

Published: 31/Aug/2018 12:22 Updated: 31/Aug/2018 14:27

by Matt Porter


FaZe Clan’s Fortnite Captain Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore has confirmed that teammate Tfue will be unbanned from Twitch on Tuesday, September 4.

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The popular streamer and professional Fortnite player was originally banned on Thursday, August 23, just hours after reaching 30,000 subscribers on Twitch. 

Speaking while live on Twitch, Cloak confirmed that Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney would be returning to the streaming platform soon, stating;

“Why did Tfue quit Fortnite? He didn’t quit Fortnite, he’s just banned right now and he gets unbanned on Tuesday. Nor did he quit streaming.”

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Originally, it was unknown what Tenney was banned for, with some rumors suggesting it due to his chat using racist language while he hosted another streamer and others saying he had been hacked again.


However, his father recently confirmed via Instagram that he was banned due to a remark he made while broadcasting, where he joked “I have aids”.

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This isn’t the first time Tfue has been forced to take time away from Twitch. Back in May he was banned for seven days for using offensive language and he’s also had issues with hackers, who shut down down his Twitch, YouTube and other social media accounts.

Fans of Tfue will still be able to see their favorite Fortnite player, as Tenney is competing in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish event at PAX WEST, which kicks off on Friday, August 31.