TFUE Explains How He Was Hacked and Lost Access to All of His Accounts

TFUE - YouTube

The fear of being hacked is daunting to those that have enormous followings on various forms of social media.

Unfortunately, this concern became a reality for professional Fortnite: Battle Royale player Turner ‘TFUE’ Tenney on August 7 after multiple accounts of his were hacked.

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He lost access to his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch all at the same time, with the hackers using the platform to post vulgar messages to TFUE’s massive audience.

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On Tuesday, August 14, one week after the debacle, TFUE released a YouTube video which provided more information on how he lost all his accounts.

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TFUE explained that the hackers managed to hack into his phone via the SIM card, which granted them access to all of his accounts on the device.

“Everything was hacked – not just YouTube, not just Twitter, not just Twitch, not just SnapChat – everything. Everything was hacked. So, like, I immediately thought ‘okay, this had to have been something that has to do with my cell phone.’ I look at my phone and the service is completely gone. So I’m like, ‘okay, this is obviously a SIM-card hack, someone hacked my phone.’ And they got into all my emails and social media through two-step [authentication]. I thought two-step was safe, but it’s not – if your phone gets hacked, you’re completely screwed.”

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More information on the hack can be found in TFUE’s most recent YouTube video below.

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