[UPDATED] FaZe Clan Pro Fortnite Player Tfue Suspended from Twitch for Saying a Banned Word Live on Stream

UPDATE – 5/18 9:42 PST

FaZe Tfue has announced on his Twitter page that his suspension from Twitch has been reduced from 30 days to 7 days.

FaZe Clan professional Fortnite player Tuner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has been handed a seven day suspension from the popular streaming platform Twitch.

This happened after he said a banned word live on his stream while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on May 18th, 2018.

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Tfue was in a brief gunfight in-game against a player who appeared to be wearing a dark colored character skin, and while he was chasing him, he said the following statement.

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“Where is this c**n going?”

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The word that Tfue used has multiple meanings and usages – officially, it can be used as a short and abbreviated way to refer to a raccoon but has also long been considered a demeaning and insulting racial slur against dark-skinned people.

Not long after that happened, the streamer’s Twitch channel became inactive and could no longer be accessed on the platform’s website.

Tfue eventually released a YouTube video to explain the situation, claiming that his intentions were not racial but instead he used the word because the character he was chasing had a skin that resembled a raccoon.

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“Anybody who knows me knows that I didn’t use that in a racist way at all. I used it for its primary meaning in that it’s short for raccoon.”

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However, he also concedes that he should have known better than to say a word like that live on Twitch, considering how strict the streaming platform has become with violations to its Terms of Service agreement.

“I really, I’m just sorry and disappointed in myself that I should have known better you know? I just don’t want this to affect my career any more so than it already is, so I just really want to address it to everybody.”

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