ExtraEmily dared to spank a stranger by chat randomizer challenge

Virginia Glaze
extra emily spanks strangers butt on stream

Twitch star ExtraEmily was dared to “spank a stranger’s butt” during a randomizer challenge while streaming at a mall, leading to an awkward confrontation with a shopper.

Twitch is home to a haven of content from all corners of the internet, but IRL streams are some of the most varied out of all the site has to offer.

These broadcasts follow streamers as they share their daily lives with viewers from anywhere in the world. Some, like QTCinderella, bake cakes for their audience, while others, like JinnyTTY, travel the globe as her viewers watch from home.

However, OTK’s ExtraEmily decided to switch up her trip to the mall with a ‘randomizer’ challenge to make her IRL stream more exciting.

ExtraEmily asks stranger if she can spank them in randomizer challenge

During her stream, viewers could donate a certain amount to spin a wheel with a random list of tasks on it. In this case, 5 subscriptions, a $20 donation, or 2,000 bits would spin the wheel — and Emily would have to perform the task that showed up.

During her shopping spree with fellow streamer Squeex, the wheel spun on an outrageous challenge: “Spank a stranger’s butt.”

At first, Emily tried to get Squeex to ask passersby if they’d take part in the challenge — but quickly took matters into her own hands, asking two random men walking past if they would allow her to spank one of them.

After a little deliberation, one of the men turned around and allowed ExtraEmily to give him a pat on the rear.

Fans’ reactions were mixed, with some urging her against undertaking this particular challenge, while others simply laughed at the antics playing out on stream.

This isn’t the first time creators have doled out spanks for content online; in 2020, League of Legends streamer Tyler1 got a paddlin’ after failing to finish a 20,000 calorie burger during an outing with pro player Faker.