Twitch streamer Jinny has her phone snatched by speeding motorcyclist on IRL livestream

Jinny phone stolen twitch IRL streamJinnytty | Twitch

While doing an IRL stream and crossing the street, Twitch streamer Jinny had her phone snatched right out of her hands by a man riding a motorcycle. The stream continued as he sped away.

IRL livestreaming has been a massive hit on Twitch, with people broadcasting their adventures to the world. There are bound to be some unpredictable parts of a stream that takes place in public.

Sometimes, those occurrences are heartwarming and fun. Some streamers gets sniped by their viewers in person, leading to all sorts of shenanigans. Other times, streamers capture unbelievable events in person.

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Jinny had her phone stolen live on stream while travelling in Argentina, and she chased down the perpetrator. Less than two weeks later, she was crossing the road during an IRL stream when someone riding a motorcycle sped by her as she was crossing the road, snatching her phone right out of her hand while she was filming with it.

Jinny has her phone snatched while livestreaming on Twitch

After 6 and a half hours of walking around, trying out different restaurants, and showing her IRL adventures in Chile to her audience, Jinny had her phone stolen right out of her hands.

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But the broadcast didn’t end there. The unidentified man wearing a motorcycle helmet held the phone to his side before pocketing it. The chat was on fire with comments of sympathy and disbelief toward the situation.

The motorcyclist took off before Jinny had the chance to respond. She quickly changed the stream to a “be right back” screen before going live from another phone.

She was in tears, and in just as much disbelief as her chat. After spending a few minutes gathering herself, she tried asking chat if they could see the plate number of the assailant. Unfortunately, chat couldn’t see his plates or his face without a helmet. Only the color of his bike and the clothes he was wearing.

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Fortunately, she was able to remotely revert her phone to factory settings the moment it goes back online, making it so that whoever took her phone can’t access her personal data. Jinny also plans on reporting the crime.

She hasn’t gotten the phone back at the time of writing, but it’s possible that the footage from her Twitch stream could help catch the thief. Only time will tell if she’s able to get it back, but we’ll update this article if there’s any more news from Jinny.

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