ExtraEmily risks Twitch ban using phone while driving

Jacob Hale
ExtraEmily looking at her phone while in the car during Twitch streamTwitch: ExtraEmily

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily has caused a stir online and risked earning herself a Twitch ban, after frequently using her phone while driving during an October 10 stream.

ExtraEmily has been steadily growing on Twitch in the last couple of years, with thousands of viewers pouring in to her IRL streams to see what wacky things she can get up to on any given day.

Her content is usually pretty wholesome and comedic, and that has helped endear her to many Twitch users, though her latest stream definitely left some viewers raising their eyebrows.

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In fact, she may even earn a ban from the stream given Twitch’s stance on being “distracted while driving” and previous transgressions from other streamers.

ExtraEmily on phone while driving

Streaming while driving late on October 10, 2023, Emily was caught multiple times bringing out her cell phone and using it, ignoring the rules of the road.

Twitch policy rules against streamers doing dangerous activities, with “distracted driving” considered to be “self-destructive behaviour” that could result in a ban, according to their Community Guidelines.

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If Emily does end up getting banned, she wouldn’t be the first for doing the same thing. In 2021, Jakenbake was banned for using his phone while driving, while two years earlier, in 2019, Mitch Jones was banned for the exact same thing.

This isn’t the first vehicular incident that has happened to Emily on stream. In September, she was rear-ended while streaming from her car, though neither party were injured or had any lasting issues as a result of the crash.

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