Extra Emily confronted for trespassing while searching for lost AirTag

Michael Gwilliam
extraemily tresspassing on private property

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily was caught trespassing while trying to recover a lost helium balloon with an AirTag inside.

ExtraEmily’s quest to recover an AirTag balloon she named ‘Bobby’ ended in disaster after she had to travel down a private road she wasn’t allowed to use.

Content creators will go to great lengths to entertain their viewers, but sometimes, they end up putting themselves in dangerous – or even legally precarious positions.

During an April 24 broadcast, ExtraEmily set out to find one of the balloons she’d placed an AirTag inside of, and ultimately decided that she had to go off-road to locate it.

extraemily trying to find balloon
ExtraEmily set out to find her balloon named ‘Bobby.’

After driving a fair distance out and traversing a grassy area for a bit, she decided to go on foot after discovering workers using construction equipment nearby.

Unfortunately, she was unable to find the balloon, and was soon confronted by a truck driver who informed Emily she was trespassing.

“I’m trying to find an AirTag that I lost here,” she explained.

“AirTag you lost here? When were you here?” the Texan questioned.

Despite Emily trying to explain her balloon project, the truck driver insisted that she was not allowed to be on the private property and ordered her out.

As the Twitch star tried to drive out, another driver asked her to follow him off the private road and then started asking her how she was able to enter the area to begin with.

After sharing some details, the man lashed out at the streamer. “When you came in here, there’s a big 4×8 sign that says ‘this is not a public road.’ Do you not read signs when you come onto property?”

Luckily, the streamer was able to get off without any legal headaches, but she had to come to grips with the fact her balloon, ‘Bobby,’ was just nowhere to be found.

It’s not clear yet if Emily will face any sort of repercussions from Twitch for her actions, as the platform’s community guidelines state that users must, “respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the streamer has gotten into trouble for her on-road antics. Last year, she was briefly banned for texting and driving, but returned claiming she had been “reformed.”

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