ExtraEmily embarrassed after confusing bystander for fan in hilarious Twitch moment

extraemily twitch streamerTwitch: ExtraEmily

Twitch streamer and newly minted OTK star ExtraEmily was left utterly embarrassed after she mistook a bystander for a Twitch fan when being asked to take a photo.

One of OTK’s newest streamers was left absolutely dumbfounded after an embarrassing interaction with a bystander who she mistook for a fan.

ExtraEmily has seen her viewership soar over the last year, where she often hosts variety content like speedrunning and IRL streams. With her success as a streamer she was invited to join OTK earlier this year, and with it, she’ll soon be hosting her very own show called “Wheel of Chaos”.

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Whilst doing an IRL stream walking around New York City days after the announcement, however, the streamer ran into what she had thought was a fan. The individual named Jason had asked Emily if she was able to take a photo of them, and of course, Emily obliged after removing a poop emoji costume she was currently wearing.

After Jason was ready to pose for the photo, Emily approached him to take the photo as a selfie, Jason, obviously confused asked Emily, “oh… together?” After a brief pause of awkward silence, Emily burst out laughing realizing her mistake, and proceeded to take a regular photo of Jason. Both of them then apologized heavily to one another, making for a rather wholesome yet hilarious Twitch moment.

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This interaction is held in stark contrast to a previous interaction ExtraEmily had with a stranger on stream. Last year whilst IRL streaming at a Mcdonald’s, a woman barged onto her stream and made a racist comment towards her.

Redditors have called out that this more recent interaction as faked, as Jason originally recognized Emily, after asking her if she was a part of OTK before this interaction. Reddit users were suspecting that Jason was a “paid actor” or that he was simply “was trolling” the variety streamer.

Regardless of Redditors’ suspicions of the individual asking for the photo, ExtraEmily and her entire chat found the interaction hilarious and pointed it out as an almost grounding moment for ExtraEmily’s momentous rise as a streamer.

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