ExtraEmily pranks Mizkif by covering streaming room with hundreds of sticky notes

Mizkif sarcastically waving his arm.Twitch: ExtraEmily

OTK streamer ExtraEmily decided to pull a prank on fellow content creator Mizkif by covering his streaming room with hundreds of colorful sticky notes.

ExtraEmily has been making waves on the internet recently. The up-and-coming streamer saw a meteoric rise in recent months, enough so that she’s joined OTK. The organization’s owner Mizkif and herself have become quite close, with them often messing around on stream together in amusing ways.

Emily’s ventures have seen her complete outlandish challenges, such as spanking a complete stranger in public, while her most recent subathon required her to tape herself up on a wall, with eggs and other projectiles being tossed at her for a whole 13 hours straight. Once the event had ended Emily jumped into a freezing pool for good measure.

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Now, her most recent on-stream adventure saw her ‘decorate’ Mizkif’s streaming room with an overwhelming number of colorful sticky notes.

Upon Mizkif’s return, it was clear the OTK founder wasn’t too keen to see his entire room plastered with sticky notes, responding to Emily’s inquiry of if he likes it with a mini joke rant.

“No one else has to deal with stuff like this,” he said. “Everybody else just streams, they go offline, they do ads. Like I just go to the gym and have like two errands to run, I come back and this is my life.”

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Emily playfully responded to the dejected streamer, “Ya! Isn’t it great? It’s cause you’re such a nice pal, Miz. And I feel like I can, you know prank ya, you know, prank ya hard.”

Mizkif had only three words to say after that. “You got me.”

Elated in her response, Emily asked Mizkif if he was able to run a stream with it. Just “one stream” with hundreds of sticky notes plastered around his walls is all she wanted to see. Though Mizkif wasn’t all too eager to keep them up.

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Unfortunately, Emily’s question seemed to fall on deaf ears, as Mizkif could only respond with a sarcastic gesture.

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