Ukrainian Twitch star Evelone192 pleads for unban after platform ‘ghosts’ him

Evelone192 playing gamesInstagram: Evelone192

‘Evelone192’, a Ukrainian Twitch star with nearly 1.3 million followers, has pleaded with the platform to unban him following months of ‘ghosting’ him. His Twitter account, which he made specifically to reach out to Twitch, has gone viral.

He’s one of the biggest Twitch streamers you’ve never heard of. Ukrainian ‘Evelone192’ is the CIS’ answer to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, with his Just Chatting and variety gaming streams raking in upwards of 40,000 average viewers.

He has 1.27 million followers on the platform, making him one of the biggest streamers in Cyrillic. However, he hasn’t gone live since December 15, 2020.

Why? Twitch has banned him indefinitely and is refusing to answer his pleas for an unban, according to the streamer.

Evelone was reportedly banned over saying “an offensive word,” but Twitch threw down the gauntlet at him.

“Yes, I made a mistake, when during the stream session, I used an offensive word. Unfortunately, [at] that time I did not realize the meaning of it,” he said in a March 20 statement.

The streamer has reportedly reached out to “the Rabbi from Israel” to receive forgiveness and that he wasn’t malicious in his use of the slur. However, three months on, Twitch isn’t replying to his emails and unban requests.

“I’ve been [banned for] three months already. [It’s been] 1.5 months since I made an official appeal, and I did not receive any answer. Please answer me, Twitch.”

Evelone’s situation isn’t that much different from that of NBA pro Meyers Leonard. Leonard used an anti-Semitic slur during a Warzone stream earlier in March. He was suspended from Twitch for a week before being unbanned.

However, Evelone has been banned numerous times before. He was suspended six times across 2020, including his final ban on December 15, according to StreamerBans.

His previous suspension was for a month, spanning from August 24 to September 24.

Fans have been attempting to get #FREEEVELONE192 trending on Twitter, with thousands using the hashtag to raise awareness of the streamer’s suspension.

At the time of publishing, Evelone’s Twitch account is still banned. Twitch typically don’t comment on individual suspensions.