Esfand brings “Dr Disrespect” back to Twitch with hilarious Halloween costume

Brent Koepp
Twitch streamer Esfand dressed up like Dr Disrespect for Halloween stream
Twitch: EsfandTV

OTK co-founder Esfand perfectly transformed into Dr Disrespect for his Halloween stream. The 30-year-old brought the Two-Time Champion ‘back’ to Twitch with his hilarious broadcast. 

For some Twitch viewers, the platform has never been the same since Dr Disrespect was shockingly banned from the website in June 2020. Many would love to see the Two-Time Champion make a return to the Amazon-owned platform.

OTK owner Esfand made that dream a reality during his Halloween 2021 stream when he faithfully re-created Doc’s iconic broadcasts, including his epic tippy top of the mountain intro speeches.

Twitch streamer Esfand dressing up like Dr Disrespect
Twitch: EsfandTV
The OTK streamer dressed up as Dr Disrespect for Halloween.

Esfand creates “Dr Disrespect’s” Twitch return for Halloween

Fans of the Two-Time were elated when Esfand revealed that his Halloween costume was Dr Disrespect himself. The streamer didn’t just stop there, however, as he took the tribute to the next level by re-creating Doc’s classic broadcasts.

Holding on to his replica red vest, the OTK member paced back and forth in front of his Lamborghini to give viewers a motivational speech. “Yes, I’m back on Twitch, baby! And we’re going straight back to the tippy top, that’s what we’re doing!” he said.

Esfand then delivered a scarily accurate imitation and exclaimed: “Look, I don’t care what these chubby cheek punk kids are saying. We’re coming back, okay? We defeated the purple snake. And nobody is going to stop me!”

The “purple snake” was of course a reference to what Dr Disrespect called Twitch in an October 2021 stream. It didn’t stop there as he also hilariously parodied Doc’s ban as well.

While speaking to viewers, his friend entered the room and said, “They sent me to tell you that you’re done. Not just on Twitch. When the story breaks you’re done, not just on Twitch.”

Esfand continued the tribute telling his viewers, “I really don’t know how this is going to go. But we’re going to get through this. The Champion’s Club will get through this.”

While the Twitch streamer’s transformation into Doc was a one-off for Halloween, viewers immediately ate it up. Many in the chat spammed “still the face of Twitch’ – proof that the Two-Time champion still has many fans on the platform.