Mizkif floored by “depressing” streaming industry in China

Mizkif next to Chinese streamer in New Yok Times documentaryYouTube: Mizkif / The New York Times

Twitch star Mizkif was stunned after watching a documentary about the livestreaming industry in China. The 26-year-old called the situation “miserable.”

During his October 29 broadcast, Mizkif watched a special report by New York Times on the entertainment industry in China. The documentary centered on a “day in the life” of a streamer.

However, the 26-year-old was floored minutes into it after seeing the drastic difference between Twitch culture and the East Asian country’s livestream industry.

Mizkif reacting to Chinese streamerYouTube: Mizkif / The New York Times
The Twitch star was floored by streamers in China.

Mizkif stunned by China’s streaming industry

The Twitch star was taken back after the documentary showed a streaming agency in China where streamers go live in cubicle-like rooms. “Oh, this looks creepy as hell,” he said. “I hate this! I really hate this! This looks miserable!”

Mizkif was further shocked when it revealed one of China’s most popular streamers goes months streaming without as single day off. “If someone came to me with a contract where I have to stream 10 hours a day, seven days a week… I don’t even think I could do that for $5 million dollars,” he continued. “I would be so miserably depressed and sad.”

After seeing the lengths the Chinese star was being asked go to change her personality to make their streams more appealing the 26-year-old exclaimed, “These people seem so trapped. She doesn’t even look like she’s alive. She looks so dead on the inside past her eyes. Where is the soul?”

After the documentary concluded, Mizkif told viewers: “This is serious depression. I actually feel miserable. She looks so broken. She looks like she’s been through so much sh*t. It’s like she’s on a treadmill that never ends.”

The Twitch streamer was left speechless by the documentary and asked, “Is that really how it is? What the f**k!” Despite the somber subject, the star said he would love to go to China to stream with the content creators featured in the video.