Emiru’s Super Mario 64 speedrun ruined by Alinity in comical fashion


Twitch streamer Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk was in the middle of a heated Super Mario 64 speedrun when fellow streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon burst into her room, distracting her, and ending the run in the worst possible way.

Emiru has moved into friend and collaborator Mizkif’s streaming house, and the pair have been making tons of content together.

The duo even faced off in a Super Mario 64 speedrun competition, with Emiru coming out on top. Emiru, also known for her extensive and impressive cosplay feats, has become renowned on Twitch as an extremely skilled SM64 speedrunner.

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But, Emiru was streaming her latest speedrun of the N64 game on December 8, when things took a turn for the worse.

Emiru has amassed over 600,000 followers on Twitch.

Alinity interrupts Emiru speedrun

Alinity paid a visit to Mizkif’s streaming house, during Emiru’s run, and dropped by her room.

Emiru, towards the end of a Super Mario 64 speedrun, was nearing her personal best timing. Alinity ran into the room and exclaimed, “Don’t stop speedrunning! Keep speedrunning!”

Alinity noted that she was on her way out from streaming with Mizkif and just wanted to stop by and say hello but her greeting ended up distracting Emiru, who said: “How did it go? I’m in my gamer void, so I don’t know.”

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In comical fashion, as Emiru chatted to Alinity, she directed Mario directly into lava, killing the run altogether.

“Oh wait, I’m trolling, I got distracted! I already threw!”

The speedrun ended at 21:29:40, missing out on the chance to beat her personal best. “Oh my God, that could’ve easily been twenty minutes if I didn’t get distracted, and do that s**t at the end! But that means I can get twenty minutes.”

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She concluded by diverting blame away from Alinity: “No, it’s not Alinity’s fault, I’m just stupid.”