Twitch streamer’s cat hilariously interrupts FFXIV Endwalker cutscene

Sloot/Square Enix

Streamer Ted ‘Sloot’ Bacinschi was streaming FFXIV Endwalker when his cat puked all over his gaming PC during an important cutscene.

FFXIV players had been anxiously awaiting the release of the newest expansion Endwalker after it was hit with a delay. With the new content finally dropping on December 7, creators across Twitch have been streaming all the fun including the two new classes and boatloads of story content.

Sloot was streaming an important cutscene from Endwalker when his cat, Little One, decided to interrupt the stream at a crucial moment.

Sloot’s cat barfs on gaming PC

As the streamer reached the end of Endwalker’s campaign, his cat Little One hopped on top of the gaming PC and began to throw up.

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Sloot said, “Uh oh. Little One, this is such a bad time for you to be throwing up. Oh man, did you have to back up and do half of it on the computer.”

He bursted into laughter after cleaning up what he could of the barf, and said: “Man, Little One really didn’t like the FFXIV finale. It was f**kin’ perfect timing.”

Spoilers ahead for FFXIV Endwalker story

The Twitch chat lit up as Little One interrupted the climax of the expansion with his stomach troubles in hilarious fashion.

It remains unclear whether Little One threw up in dislike of the Endwalker finale, or just wanted some attention. Either way, the cat showed off impeccable timing and will still be loved despite the mess they made.

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