Dream teases “massive” collaboration for SMP server

Virginia Glaze
Dream teases huge SMP collab

YouTube star Dream has teased a huge upcoming collaboration for his highly popular survival multiplayer Minecraft server — and fans couldn’t be more excited

Dream is one of YouTube’s most popular gaming influencers best known for his Minecraft videos and streams.

Boasting over 29 million subscribers on the platform, Dream is a ‘faceless’ creator, meaning that he never shows his face and instead wears a mask — and even uses virtual avatars — to avoid being recognized.

That hasn’t put a damper on his popularity though, nor that of his comrades like Minecraft creators Ranboo, Tommyinnit, and more, who attended this year’s VidCon to a huge crowd of fans cheering them on.

To celebrate this monumental fan turnout, Dream took to Twitter to reveal that his hugely-popular survival multiplayer server, the Dream SMP, is getting a surprise collaboration in the near future.

“Good time to say that there’ll be massive collaborative Dream SMP news soon,” he wrote. “Writing the Dream SMP in the revive book this summer.”


“Everyone up on the stage at VidCon is doing such an amazing job,” he continued. “And the fans? Awesome to see people so excited about something we’ve all spent so much time on.”

After some fans wondered if he was actually at VidCon, Dream joked that he was “hiding in the crowd.”

It’s unclear what this major collab will be, but fans are already postulating all manner of possibilities.

This wouldn’t be Dream’s first big collaboration, either; earlier this year, Dream teamed up with YouTube star MrBeast to get his very own burger at MrBeast burger, complete with a green avocado.

Whatever the SMP collab ends up being, fans can’t wait, so stay tuned to Dexerto to keep up to date with the latest influencer news.