Dream to headline VidCon Anaheim as Featured Creator after internet-breaking face reveal

Dream to headline vidcon anaheim after face revealInstagram: dreamwastaken

Minecraft star Dream is taking over VidCon Anaheim as a Featured Creator, marking one of his first major appearances since showing his face last year. We got the chance to speak to Dream about VidCon and life after his face reveal.

Dream is one of the internet’s most prominent Minecraft content creators. Boasting over 31 million YouTube subscribers and 6.4 million followers on Twitch, Dream is best known for his wildly creative Minecraft videos and collaborations with other YouTubers in his ‘Dream SMP’ server.

Up until last year, Dream was a ‘faceless’ influencer, who hid his mug beneath a mask and used fanart in his profile pictures. However, in a shocking turn of events, Dream decided to pull off the mask in late 2022, sparking one of the most viral moments in online history.

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Now, he’s slated to headline VidCon Anaheim as a Featured Creator this June, where he’ll have an exclusive merch booth for fans to show their support.

For Dream, meeting fans is more fun than ever

We got the chance to speak with Dream about attending VidCon, one of his first major appearances since his big face reveal last year. Despite making a huge change to his image, Dream is more than excited to meet his fans in person and thoroughly enjoys having a public presence.

“I get to meet my fans! This is awesome,” he told us. “Not just my fans, but other creators and stuff. It brings everyone together and everyone’s in the same area and gets to hang out and at least say hi. It’s super exciting. From my perspective, there’s not really too much to stress over. The only thing would be like, ‘Oh god, I hope my haircut I get before I go is not gonna be butchered or something.’ That’s pretty much the only thing I’d have to worry about. Otherwise, it’s totally exciting and I’m always very excited to meet fans and friends.”

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Dream Halloween costume header imageTwitter: Dream
Once a faceless YouTuber, Dream showed off his mug to the internet in 2022, sparking a swath of different reactions from fans and critics.

“We’re gonna do some cool stuff [at VidCon,]” he added. “We have a lot of plans. We’re still mostly in the planning stages for that, but there’s gonna be some cool stuff. Probably some exclusive merch and some cool, creative Dream and Dream Team related stuff there for fans to check out and take pictures with.”

In fact, Dream says he can hardly go outside without being approached by someone — but it doesn’t bother him. In fact, he recounted a heartwarming story about meeting one of his young fans while getting breakfast.

“The other day, actually, I went out to get breakfast alone, and there was a mom, a dad, and their son — I think he was twelve. I could tell he recognized me, because he did a double take whenever I walked in. But I wasn’t 100% sure. I was like, ‘Ah, he probably did.’ Until the dad eventually yelled out, ‘Dream,’ to see if I would look over in their direction. So, I did, and they asked for a photo.”

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“I said sure, but I went over and I was like, ‘I know I just gave you a hug, but can I join you for breakfast?’ And I literally sat there and ate breakfast with them. We chatted for 45 minutes — he was there for Spring Break in Orlando. I love interacting with fans. I love people, in general. That’s the biggest reason why I feel I’ve been successful on YouTube, or at least one of them. I love people. I love how people think. I love just talking to people and interacting with people.”

Dream wouldn’t change a thing about his face reveal

Overall, Dream has a thoroughly positive outlook on his face reveal — even though there was some backlash to the ordeal. The creator says he wouldn’t change a thing about how he showed off his mug to the world, and even found one of his ‘faux pas’ quite funny.

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“The only thing that I’d go back and change — and I’m not even 100% that I’d go back and change it, because I think it’s funny — I’d never done a facecam video before. So, when I’m setting up my facecam and Googling, you know, what you should set up, it’s like, ‘Make sure you encapsulate what you think are your good angles.’ I might have went a little too ham on that. I might have had too much of an angle the entire video, which created a lot of funny jokes and memes and stuff about how I’m a crescent moon. I thought it was hilarious. I don’t know that I’d change it, because it ended up being funny.”

“The transition was pretty easy. Maybe I would have been more stressed if it wasn’t for the fact there was so much positivity — even being able to just meet my friends. I could be able to see fans and make more content. Just seeing my friends… the joy and the excitement for that overrode any of the negatives.”

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Dream gives advice to other faceless creators

Dream isn’t the only faceless creator out there. In fact, one of the most prominent influencers on the net is Corpse Husband, who uses fanart to represent himself online. When asked for his advice to other faceless creators, Dream had one solid tip: 

“I feel like, honestly, it’s such a niche. It’s definitely getting more and more common for people to be faceless creators, but it’s such a niche thing. I have my experience, but my experience is just one. I only had one go at it. I’m sure there’s tons of things I could have done differently or strategized for.”

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“I don’t know what my advice would be. It’s kinda, you know, be yourself. Just know that you do have the option of revealing your face if you want to. Just do what you want to do, and don’t rely too much on the opinions of other people.”

For now, Dream himself is focused on getting back into content creation after taking a lengthy hiatus following his face reveal — but he’s also getting back to his roots. Dream told us that, despite his plans to do more IRL content, his main channel will still be focused on Minecraft, the game that skyrocketed him to stardom in the first place.

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“I have tons of things I want to do that are on the crazier side, but I’m also trying to go back to my roots,” he explained. “One of the biggest reasons I got successful on YouTube from Minecraft was making creative videos, and I did a lot of development and coding, myself, to make crazy, unique stuff that’s never been done before.”

“In terms of my main channel and the videos I post, I don’t plan on posting too much IRL stuff. It’s mostly still gonna be just Minecraft, and not even facecam or anything. But I will be able to incorporate myself into my videos more hopefully in the future with videos that are gaming and Minecraft and real life. But the biggest difference, really, is being able to do stuff like go to VidCon. I can actually meet fans and do stuff in real life I couldn’t before.”

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Fans can purchase tickets to VidCon Anaheim on VidCon’s official website. The convention will take place from June 21 – 24.

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