Dream breaks the internet with “hair reveal”

Georgina Smith
Dream poses for an Instagram picture

Minecraft YouTuber Dream surprised fans by uploading an Instagram picture of him holding a framed GeorgeNotFound tweet while showing part of his hair, getting ever closer to a face reveal.

With over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft creators around, and he’s gained a huge amount of followers over the past year or so thanks to his wildly popular survival multiplayer sever.

One of the most notable things about the star is that he has never shown his face on-screen, instead, being known for the cartoon smiley face figure he uses as his avatar.

Dream avatar on a green background
Dream has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube.

Many fans are of course keen to see how the creator looks in real life, and he’s teased fans several times before with things like a “neck reveal.” He has also revealed in interviews that he is planning on doing a full face reveal at some point.

Fans are now one step closer to seeing the face behind the popular creator, after he uploaded a new post to his Instagram account, which appears to show him holding a framed tweet from fellow creator GeorgeNotFound reading “love you Dream.”


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A post shared by Dream (@dreamwastaken)

But eagle-eyed fans spotted that peeking out from his hoodie was a bit of his hair, and they immediately flooded the comments and Twitter with their discovery.


“You guys, you can see his hair, not tryna be one of those weird Dream stans but come on no one is noticing,” one fan wrote, in all caps.

Comments on Dream's Insta post

Just hours before, Dream posted a tweet that simply read “I’m not bald,” which some appeared to reference in the comments of his Instagram post by writing: “is this proof you’re not bald?”

Some appeared dubious about whether that’s really his hair, or whether it is Dream at all. But if it really is him then that’s one step closer for many fans who are excited to see his full face reveal at some point — although nobody knows when that could be.

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