Dream addresses rumors about “relationship” with GeorgeNotFound

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dream addresses dating rumors georgenotfoundYouTube: GeorgeNotFound

Minecraft star Dream has publicly addressed a popular fan rumor that claims he’s secretly dating fellow content creator GeorgeNotFound.

Dream is one of the most prominent Minecraft creators on the net. Boasting over 31 million YouTube subscribers and 6.3 million followers on Twitch, Dream has accrued a massive fanbase that continues to expand.

Of course, having such a large fanbase can sometimes result in occasional drama — as seen when Dream finally showed his face after years of being a ‘faceless’ content creator, sparking a wide variety of reactions from his viewers after they saw what he actually looked like.

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Now, another big moment is taking over Dream’s fanbase, along with that of another major content creator in the Minecraft scene.

Dream Halloween costume header imageTwitter: Dream
Once a faceless YouTuber, Dream showed off his mug to the internet in 2022, sparking a swath of different reactions from fans and critics.

Dream responds to rumors of secretly dating GeorgeNotFound

It’s not unusual to see fans of celebrities or content creators ship their favorite personalities with other stars. This is true for the Minecraft community, some of whom have been pairing Dream with fellow creator and BFF GeorgeNotFound for some time.

In fact, this pairing has become so popular that Dream felt the need to address rumors that he and George were secretly dating in a tweet on March 9, 2023.

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“George and I are not gay or in a gay relationship with each other,” Dream wrote. “I just thought I would clear up the common misconception.”

The post has gone super viral on Twitter, racking up nearly two million views and over 73,000 likes at the time of writing. Of course, it’s also sparked some humorous responses from other big creators in the scene.

“Thank goodness, because I’m in love with your goofy green face,” YouTuber Kit Wisp wrote.

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“What am I gonna do with all this fanfic, then?” another fan wrote.

However, others criticized Dream for “baiting” his fans into believing he was dating GeorgeNotFound.

“‘Common misconception,’ as if you aren’t the driving forces behind said misconception,” one fan wrote.

Twitch streamer Kaceytron also chimed in on the subject, writing: “Thank you for finally admitting to the gaybaiting. I will be awaiting my apology from your entire audience.”

Although Dream and George are close friends, it looks like Dream is firm in stating that he is not dating his fellow content creator.

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