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DrDisrespect gives Twitch sub firm handshakes after emotional story

Published: 17/Apr/2020 9:52 Updated: 6/May/2020 10:30

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer DrDisrespect shared a heart-warming moment with a fan during his April 16 broadcast, congratulating the viewer for the hard work they’ve put into turning their life around.

Few streamers are as revered as DrDisrespect. Known for his trademark eccentricity, passion, and moustache, the creation of Guy Beahm has sat at the top of Twitch for a number of years. It looks set to continue, with the two-time recently announcing a Twitch exclusivity deal.

One thing viewers love from the Doc is the unique way he communicates with fans. Whether its throwing hilarious shade at those using advert blockers, or roasting viewers for asking him to play a certain game, no one on the internet interacts with their fans in quite the same way.

Dr Disrespect
Twitch: DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect is not afraid of calling out viewers.

Away from roasting his viewers, the Doc has also become known for his big heart when it comes to more serious issues. This is a characteristic he demonstrated again on April 16, when a viewer sent the Doc an inspiring message.

“‘I know you hear this a lot’,” he read. “‘But thank you. In a few weeks, I’ll be clean from drugs for four years and your stream has been with me the entire time’. Ah man that makes me feel good Lenny, you made my day right there.”

“You made my day, you really did,” The Two-Time continued. “I appreciate you man, good stuff. Keep going. Keep going baby. That’s a good read right there, I like that.”

While the Doc quickly returned to Warzone, many viewers appreciated the quaint moment between him and the subscriber.

It’s just another testament to the close relationship streamers can foster with their viewers, to the point of genuinely helping them to turn their lives around.


Corpse Husband fan goes viral after getting a tattoo of his hair strand

Published: 25/Oct/2020 12:54

by Georgina Smith


A fan of popular YouTuber Corpse Husband has taken her dedication to the next level by getting an image of his hair tattooed on her, after he posted a picture of a single strand of his hair to celebrate one million Instagram followers.

Corpse Husband is a YouTuber who has experienced a rather abrupt surge in popularity this year, accumulating a wave of new fans after jumping on the Among Us hype, scoring views in the many millions for both his old and new content.

He started YouTube in 2015, and focused primarily on narrating spooky stories online with his mesmerizingly deep voice, though notably has not yet revealed his face.

His viewers are certainly passionate, and even won out against possibly the biggest fandom on the planet when fans of Corpse Husband and BTS tried to see who could ‘ratio’ Mr Beast’s tweet the hardest, with Corpse winning by a tiny margin and securing $10,000 for charity.

Corpse Husband image in front of Among Us background
YouTube: Corpse Husband / InnerSloth
Corpse Husband’s sudden rise to popularity has been unprecedented.

But one fan decided to take her support to an entirely new level, after Corpse revealed a single strand of his hair on Instagram.

As he doesn’t ever show his face, fans have naturally become curious as to who the person attached to the incredible voice is, and Corpse has played along with people’s curiosity by doing miniscule reveals of different parts of himself.

First it was #onlyhands, and this time around in celebration of him hitting 1 million followers on Instagram, he revealed a single strand of his hair in a reveal he called #onlystrands. The bizarrely atmospheric black and white image now has over 560,000 likes and counting.


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Thanks for 1M on insta u lil freaks. Here’s a strand of my hair. #onlystrands #onlyhands #corpsehusband

A post shared by Corpse Husband (@corpse_husband) on

Dedicated fan CorpseBaddie on Twitter decided she wanted to immortalize the image, and did that in the most permanent way possible by actually tattooing the hair strand on her ribs.

The October 25 tweet revealing the tattoo blew up at a rapid rate, and at the time of writing it has garnered over 30,000 likes.

Speaking about the sudden interest in her brand new tattoo, CorpseBaddie sent a message to her favorite creator. “So Corpse Husband this blew up. I have one question, can I play a game of Among Us with y’all?”

Though he has yet to respond, an Among Us collab between the pair would certainly be entertaining for those that have followed her tattoo journey.

The tattoo is just a testament to how unprecedented Corpse Husband’s rise to popularity has been, and this is certainly only the beginning of his fans’ loyalty.