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FaZe Rain reveals his incredible $30,000 gaming setup

Published: 16/Apr/2020 13:56

by Daniel Cleary


Popular YouTuber and FaZe member Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat has given fans a tour of his new $30,000 luxury gaming setup.

FaZe Rain, who first rose to fame through Call of Duty trickshotting videos, has since built a following of over 5 million subscribers for posting entertaining vlogs and gaming videos on his channel.

The content creator was among a few of the FaZe Clan stars to move to their new $30 million mansion, and shared a look at his new gaming setup inside the house in his latest upload.

FaZe Teeqo, YouTube
FaZe Rain explained that he will be making many more videos after completing his new gaming setup.

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During Rain’s setup reveal, he explained that the setup was among one of the first things ready in his new room since recently moving in.


“I’m going to get art over there and finish this up but I just moved in guys, give me time, but the gaming setup that’s done,” he added.

The FaZe Clan co-owner revealed his setup which featured everything needed to game at the highest level and estimated that it cost him an eye-popping $30,000 to put everything together.

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He also shared that he had even ‘borrowed’ some of Tfue’s custom keyboard keys after the former FaZe star left some of his equipment behind, jokingly adding, “You left your room unoccupied for months and I was like ‘damn I could use those.'”


While his setup included dual 240hz monitors and top-of-the-range streaming equipment, Rain explained that his custom PC, which boasted some incredible specs, played a huge part in the $30,000 price tag.

FaZe Rain YouTube
FaZe Rain revealed that his gaming setup was worth around $30,000 overall.

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“Now let’s get down to the real sauce, the computer,” he said, “This thing is absolutely crazy, there’s some serious sh*t going on in here.”

He shared that the custom PC was equipped with an Intel I9 processor and 2080TI graphics card and plenty of other notable parts, making it the ideal computer for him to record new content on and to complete his incredible gaming setup.


With such a pricey rig, it also had it’s own custom water cooling loop, to ensure his components never get hot while burning through games, streaming, recording and editing. It’s a dream setup for any YouTuber.