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Dr Disrespect issues hilariously stern warning to viewers using adblock

Published: 5/Mar/2020 23:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Dr Disrespect had some harsh words for viewers who don’t subscribe to his Twitch channel and use software that blocks advertisements.

During a March 4 broadcast, the Two-Time started hyping up his platform and urged each of his viewers to subscribe to the Champions Club – his unique term for becoming a Twitch subscriber.


“Gentlemen, get your VIP seats,” he exclaimed. “I’m talking feet on the floor, everyone gets a front-row ticket when you join the Champions Club whether you’re Amazon Primed out of your mind, tier one, tier two, tier three. I don’t need to get into the details.”

Dr Disrespect called out viewers who watch his content for free.

The former Blockbuster Video Game Champion then issued a warning for anyone who watches his stream while using an adblocker.


“If you’re not subscribing and you’re watching me for free and you have adblocker, get the f**k out of here!” Doc screamed while motioning with his hands for people to leave.

While subscribing to a streamer will remove ads, it’s not the only way users avoid commercials. Many internet browsers have third-party add-ons that can prevent commercials from showing up on websites, even during YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

After a brief pause, Doc continued to blast the leechers while standing outside of the arena. “I don’t do nothing for free. Not when HBO is charging $15 extra a month on top of the $190 cable bill that I’m already getting.”


Although Doc was only joking with his HBO comments, he has a reputation of keeping up to date with pop culture such as when he called the Best Picture Oscar-winning South Korean film Parasite “corny” with a terrible ending.

“Why? I have no idea,” Doc further joked at HBO’s expense. “Game of Thrones is done. Think about it.”

While Dr Disrespect may not be a fan of the current HBO lineup, hopefully, the upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us can bring the violence, speed and momentum he has become accustomed to.


In either case, he’s made it pretty clear that if the premium networks can charge for viewers, so can he, so those who watch his streams using an ad blocker and don’t subscribe should consider themselves officially warned.


YouTuber Shiey hits out after strike against illegal train surfing video

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:11 Updated: 20/Oct/2020 16:21

by Alice Hearing


YouTuber Shiey has hit out at YouTube after the platform decided to shut down his channel, for seemingly no obvious reason.

Shiey is a popular YouTuber with more than 1.3 million subscribers and has built up his following from posting hairraising videos of train surfing and dangerous physical feats. Lately, he has been uploading videos for his series in which he train surfs across Europe.


Part 1 and Part 2 of his Europe journey are still live on his YouTube channel, but Shiey recently tweeted that part 3 of the series had been taken down by YouTube because it violates the “harmful and dangerous” policy.

The removal of the video is part of YouTube’s strike system where a user is banned from uploading videos for two weeks if they violate the platform’s policy twice, and the channel is permanently removed after three strikes. Shiey says YouTube is currently preventing him from using his main channel.

YouTube Shiey illegal train surfing
YouTube: Shiey
Shiey is in the process of appealing the strike on his channel

Shiey tweeted a screenshot of the warning sent to him by YouTube and posted: “Interesting how they let other channels do the same thing, but not me,” and refuted the decision.

They added: “Btw part 3 was a 30 min video with 5 min of train stuff and 25 min of me walking ’round town with ice cream, camping, and swimming. Sick choice for takedown…”

YouTube does give creators the choice to appeal, which Shiey has done, but he claims that he hasn’t heard anything so far. He said that if he continued to be ignored, he would upload the entire journey as one video.


Shiey has created a back-up channel so viewers can still stay up to date with his content, to get around the strikes, and he is spreading the word in the comments on his main channel. He says he will be uploading every video that gets taken down by YouTube on the back-up.

Train surfing is illegal on most railways globally, not just because it involves skipping the fare, but because it is seriously life-threatening, whether that be from colliding with infrastructure, falling from a height, or getting electrocuted by a power supply.