Drake makes huge Twitch demand for Kai Cenat as streamer hits 300k subscribers

Jacob Hale
drake and kai cenat side by side

On February 28, Kai Cenat made internet history as he became the most subscribed-to streamer in Twitch history, surpassing the 300,000 subscriber mark and leaping ahead of Ninja and Ludwig’s records. Amid the celebrations, though, Drake made a huge demand from Twitch to make sure Kai gets paid accordingly.

In the last few months, Kai has gone from just a successful streamer to one of the most popular content creators in the world.

In late 2022, he was challenging to become the number one most subscribed person on the platform at the time, going toe-to-toe with and finally usurping Canadian streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

Just a few short months later, however, he’s gone further than anyone could have possibly imagined, hitting the 300k subscriber mark during his subathon, with the entire Twitch community celebrating with him.

Many streamers have said for some time now that Twitch needs to be offering Kai some serious cash to stay with the platform, amid rumored interest from rivals such as YouTube and Trainwreck’s platform, Kick.

Responding to an Instagram post about the incredible achievement, Drake made it clear what he expects Twitch to do next, tagging them in a comment and saying “motivate the kids send him 50M.”

drake comment telling twitch to pay Kai Cenat $50 million
Drake made the demand of Twitch in an Instagram comment.

Naturally, there has been a lot of chatter around Kai’s situation with Twitch, especially as rival platforms frequently seek to take the platform’s most popular streamers with big-money deals.

If Twitch did offer $50m, that would be at the upper end of what Ninja was reported to have earned from his Mixer deal, and could possibly match what Adin Ross has signed with Kick, with Adin calling it “the biggest streaming deal of all time.”

Kai will no doubt be having conversations with streaming platforms if he isn’t already deep into them, but what comes of it remains to be seen. Needless to say, if they did make him the highest-paid Twitch streamer of all time, it’s hard to reason against that decision.