Kai Cenat takes swipe at $40m Kick deal he turned down

Connor Bennett
Kai Cenat wearing white tank top and blue beanie

Twitch star Kai Cenat has seemingly taken a bit of a subtle dig at Kick, referencing the rumored $40 million offer they gave him – even though he initially denied it was sent to him. 

Kick has been making some waves in the livestreaming space in the last few months, trying to muscle in on Twitch’s dominance by offering out more streamer-friendly deals to some of the biggest names around. 

The Stake-backed streaming platform has already gotten the likes of xQc, Adin Ross, and BruceDropEmOff to make the move over, but seemingly struck out when trying to land Kai Cenat. 

Kai, who was openly having issues with Twitch over his contract, was heavily rumored to be the first major streamer to follow Adin to Kick, but that wasn’t the case. It was also claimed that he turned down a $40 million offer from them too, but he denied that and put Adin on blast in doing so. Though, he has made reference to it again.

Kai Cenat raps about $40 million Kick offer he apparently rejected

It came during the AMP 2023 Freshman Cypher as Kai took some shots at a range of things before moving on to “streaming s*it” and that apparent Kick offer.

“I do my own thing and I put that on a cross. They offered me 40 (million), I told them double it for more. Then Rumble came in and started knocking right on that door,” Kai quickly rapped before moving on. 

While he doesn’t name Kick or anyone related to them, the reference to $40 million is a clear jab at that reported offer that never came to fruition.

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As we know, Kai eventually inked a non-exclusive deal with Rumble for a show alongside IShowSpeed – which is aptly named The Kai ‘N Speed Show.

He’s still streaming on Twitch at the same time and remains one of the biggest streamers that the Amazon-owned platform has got. Though, with Kick still planning on dishing out other big deals, who knows if he’ll get what he wants.