Adin Ross claims Kai Cenat, iShowSpeed & more are moving to Kick  

Joe Craven
Adin Ross on Twitch

Twitch giant Adin Ross has claimed that Kai Cenat, iShowSpeed, BruceDropEmOff and YourRAGE are set to move to the Kick live streaming platform. 

Adin Ross’ turbulent relationship with Twitch has been headline news in the streaming world of late. 

We’ve seen the 22-year-old claim that Twitch threatened to suspend him “indefinitely” if he didn’t make serious alterations to his content.  

That was followed by rumors of a switch to Kick – the new streaming platform backed by streaming behemoth Trainwrecks.

However, Ross’ move to Kick was cast into doubt after he revealed he was holding out for more money from the platform. 

Now, he has claimed that a host of the streaming world’s biggest figures are set to switch to Kick as well. 

Adin Ross claims Kai Cenat & iShowSpeed are set to move to Kick

In a widely circulated clip from February 17, Ross claimed that Kai Cenat, iShowSpeed, BruceDropEmOff and YourRAGE are set to make the switch. 

“I’m gonna tell you guys right now,” he said. “Kai’s going. YourRAGE is going. Bruce is going. Speed’s going. Everyone is going to Kick. I’m just gonna tell you guys now, I don’t give a f**k. They’re all going bro. 

“Think about it – the platform cannot fail if everyone goes… I’m not even joking. They’re all going. Why would they not go?” 

The switch of some of the world’s biggest creators to Kick would be a huge development in the streaming community.

Kai, YourRAGE and BruceDropEmOff stream on Twitch, while iShowSpeed has made a name for himself by broadcasting on YouTube. 

It’s worth noting that, as of the publication of this article, none of the men namechecked have officially confirmed their departure from their current streaming home. 

Regardless, Adin Ross is clearly confident that they will make the switch, in what could become a major threat to the dominance of Twitch and YouTube in the streaming space. 

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