Dr. Phil breaks the internet with his take on the viral ‘Stay’ TikTok trend

Dr. Phil dancing in a TikTok videoYouTube: Dr. Phil / TikTok: drphil

TV personality Dr. Phil has gone viral on TikTok after he uploaded his recreation of the drone dance to the tune of ‘Stay’ by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

While TikTok has become a place for a huge range of trends involving cooking, art, fashion, and more, one of the things it has always been most well known for is its dances.

From the Renegade to the Savage dance, the app has seen a huge number of short but eye-catching dances go viral and sweep the platform across the globe.

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Most recently, users have been loving a dance initially popularized by user maxtaylorlifts, going viral for a video he posted on July 26. This was promptly followed totouchanemu’s drone version with racked up over 31 million likes. Even TikTok star Bella Poarch got involved.

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While plenty have given the trend ago, perhaps one of the most surprising participants so far has been television personality Dr. Phil.

He uploaded his video to TikTok on August 13, with the caption: “How’s my choreography, @totouchanemu?”

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Dr. Phil certainly went all out, mimicking the viral video with his own drone camera set up, and dancing away as it circled him from above.

It’s safe to say users didn’t expect to see that pop up on their For You Pages, and they immediately flooded the comment section with their reaction.

Comments on Dr Phil's TikTok

“I definitely didn’t see this one coming,” was a sentiment echoed by several people in the comment section. Even Target had something to say on the unexpected video.

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Totouchanemu made sure to give his approval as well.

Dr Phil comments on his TikTok

Dr. Phil’s video currently has over 4.5 million likes and a whopping 21 million views — and it looks like those numbers will only continue to rise.

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