Chase Hudson responds to backlash after appearing in Vogue video

Chase Hudson poses for a pictureInstagram: lilhuddy

TikToker and singer Chase Hudson has addressed criticism after a video he filmed with Vogue was flooded with hate comments on Instagram.

Chase Hudson a.k.a. Lil Huddy rose to popularity through viral video app TikTok, with over 31.8 million followers on the platform. However, he’s also been putting a huge focus on his music career, and has released popular hits such as ‘America’s Sweetheart’ and ’21st Century Vampire.’

In celebration of the release of his new song ‘Don’t Freak Out,’ Chase did an interview with Vogue which they went on to post on both their Instagram page and YouTube channel.


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However, many were opposed to seeing the star on Vogue’s page, flooding the comment section with criticism.

“Vogue going downhill with this one,” one fan wrote, with another saying: “it’s sad that Vogue has come to this, they put any TikToker or whatever instead of real self made artists with real talent.”

Comments on Vogue post about Chase Hudson

Another commenter said that they miss “the old Vogue” when it was just about “fashion and actual icons.”

Comments on Vogue post about Chase Hudson

The criticism caught the attention of Chase himself, who responded to the hate on his own Instagram story.

“They never want you to win or be successful,” he wrote above a link to the video, “thank you Vogue for this amazing opportunity.”

Lil Huddy Instagram story

He went on to say: “Leave some love on this post, let’s drown out hate with positivity.”

The post was promptly filled with comments from fans supporting the star and his interview with Vogue, though it wasn’t enough to entirely drown out the negative comments.

Addison Rae received backlash for a similar situation back in April when she appeared in a video on Vogue’s Instagram page.