Dr Disrespect take subtle swipe at YouTube as he still doesn’t have streaming contract

Dr Disrespect lookingdown at screen next to him in red carDr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect took a slight shot at YouTube once again by highlighting just how popular he is, even though he doesn’t have a deal with them. 

When Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch back in June 2020, many fans questioned where he’d take his talents – and if he’d sign a mega exclusivity contract with his new platform of choice.  

It didn’t take long for The Doc to settle on YouTube where he managed to grab close to half a million viewers for his first stream. He’s been going strong ever since, but he doesn’t have an exclusive deal with the Google-owned platform. 

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Naturally, the Two-Time has taken some shots at YouTube for that exact reason over the last few years, with many fans urging the YouTube Gaming team to tie Doc down and bring him under their umbrella officially.

Dr Disrespect highlights YouTube popularity despite not having deal

Well, that still hasn’t happened, but Doc remains one of the most popular streamers on YouTube and even beats out some of their homegrown talents. 

That fact was again highlighted when the YouTube Gaming team took to Twitter, asking fans what their favorite stream intro is. Naturally, the Champions Club delivered for The Doc, filling up the replies with praise for his production and now iconic 10-minute opening video.

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The Two-Time used that as a chance to go at the platform with a subtle jibe, tweeting a video of all the replies about him. “Every time YouTubeGaming tweets…,” he posted, showing just overwhelming the responses were about him. 

Despite not having a deal with YouTube, The Doc is still able to make money off the platform. It just means that he’s working alongside them on things the way YouTube does with the likes of Ludwig and Valkyrae. 

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Given that he hasn’t had a deal to this point, it seems unlikely that he’ll ever get one. However, he might not need one anyway. He doesn’t seem to have much interest in returning to Twitch after the controversial ban, and there isn’t really another platform out there.

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