Dr Disrespect breaks character to call out “zero communication” from YouTube Gaming

Dr Disrespect streaming in front of screenYouTube/Dr Disrespect

Guy Beahm – more commonly known as Dr Disrespect on the internet – has taken to his personal Twitter to call out YouTube Gaming for maintaining “zero communication” over the last two years.

In June of 2020, Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch seemingly without reason. And two years later, fans still don’t have a concrete reason for the ban despite a lawsuit between both entities being settled in March of this year.

While the doc took a brief hiatus from streaming following the ban, he returned in immaculate fashion to YouTube Gaming’s blossoming streaming platform. Amid launching his own game studio and partnering with Mtn Dew Game Fuel, Dr Disrespect has maintained a massive viewership.

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That being said, the two-time continuously calls out the team at YouTube gaming for their lack of support for his career on their platform. Usually, this comes from the Doc’s dagger tongue, but this time around, he has broken character showing his true disappointment in Team YouTube.

Dr Disrespect feels “taken advantage” by YouTube Gaming

On August 13, Dr Disrespect dropped his Google Prototype Specs and dripping black steel mullet to address his fans as Guy Beahm. He wrote to his Twitter followers: “It’s amazing to think the platform Doc streams on doesn’t support him one bit. No follow, zero communication, absolutely no love.”

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He continued, “The impact we’ve had on YouTube streaming growth is insane. We’ve been taken advantage of…. Jesus YouTube, show some respect.”

His followers quickly flooded the comments claiming The Doc has paved the way for streamers to make the switch from other platforms to YouTube. “So many streamers wanted to jump ship from Twitch way before the Doc ban. And you showing them that success on YT is possible and get nothing in return,” one user stated.

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Several users tagged YouTube Gaming and Team YouTube in the replies in an attempt to draw attention to the issue. One fan suggested Doc attempt to get on popular shows on YouTube like Good Mythical Morning and Hot Ones.

While Dr Disrespect isn’t happy with how he’s been treated by YouTube, he doesn’t have many options. Twitch won’t allow him to come back and Facebook Gaming doesn’t have the audience to compete with either platform.

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Many of his fans have suggested starting his own streaming platform. But with 12am and Deadrop, Dr Disrespect might have enough on his plate at the moment.

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