Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman with brutal ‘Christmas present’

Dr Disrespect has hilariously roasted fellow streamer TimTheTatman in an unprovoked Twitter attack that left Tim absolutely speechless.

Tim and the Doc have had some brilliant interactions in the past, often finding time to make jokes at each other’s expense, but with the Two-Time getting the better of his opponent more often than not.

While his peers continue to communicate with him and invite these shots out of nowhere, the latest reaction from Dr Disrespect might keep Tim far away from his timeline for a pretty long time.

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YouTube: Dr DisrespectThe Doc regularly takes to roasting TimTheTatman to pass time.

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After the Doc tweeted about his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance and gifting Turtle Beach headsets to Kimmel, Tim asked what the Two-Time had got him for Christmas and almost immediately got a response he could not have seen coming.

Not bothering to answer with words, Dr Disrespect simply sent Tim an image of a T-shirt. It had text printed on it, saying: “Fat people are hard to kidnap.”

As expected, almost every Doc and Tim fan across Twitter loved this, and the replies show how hilarious people found it across the board, especially when the only response Tim could muster was: “Holy sh*t, I need to stop tweeting at you.”

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Twitter: TimTheTatman/DrDisrespect

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The Doc didn’t grace Tim with a response, obviously happy enough with what he had already said and the impact he made. Truthfully, there was simply nothing more to be said.

This is just about the worst response Tim could have asked for, especially as someone who is usually quite witty and can keep up with banter from his peers. If anything, this has just proved that nobody can ever keep up with Dr Disrespect.

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