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Dr Disrespect snaps flip phone in rage during hilarious call skit

Published: 10/Dec/2019 10:27 Updated: 10/Dec/2019 10:38

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect is one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch, pairing his gameplay with high production value for fans to watch regularly, but sometimes his emotions can get the better of him.

As regular viewers of the popular streamer will know, there are many layers to the Doc’s personality and some of his best work is his comedy sketches – whether it be raging about the games he’s playing, mocking other players, or even pretending to take calls from some of the biggest livestreamers around.

However, those calls, on his patented flip phone – which looks like an ancient relic when you compare it to the iPhone and Android devices people boast these days – might have finally come to an end.


Dr Disrespect / GFUEL

It all started when the phone started to ring during a broadcast on December 9. With fans possibly expecting him to say the likes of Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney or Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was on the other end, this time it was a debt collector and things weren’t looking good.

The call started with a lighthearted tone, as he answered: “Hello, it’s the Two-Time. Calling about the intro payment again, huh? I told you, yeah, I know we’re a little behind on the payments but it was a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar intro man!”

Then, things quickly went downhill when the caller revealed there would be a charge of 30 percent interest on the payments, which left him totally stunned – snapping his phone in half.


He added: “30 percent interest ladies and gentlemen of one hundred and fifty thousand. Do the math, it’s like 100 grand.”

Obviously, that figure isn’t too accurate, as it would be in the $45,000 ballpark, but fans have to let him off with that mathematical slip-up as the call probably threw him off.

This type of sketch is something members of the Champions Club have come to expect from the Doc in 2019, but if there was ever somebody that can reinvent himself successfully time and time again it’s Dr Disrespect – so don’t rule out something new coming soon to replace the flip phone.