Dr Disrespect puts Twitch on blast again following TwitchCon controversies

dr disrespect mocks twitchcon dramaTwitch/Instagram/DrDisrespect

Former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is once again taking aim at the platform that banned him by mocking TwitchCon’s many controversies.

San Diego TwitchCon is finally over and for many, it was a drama-filled affair with numerous issues plaguing the streamer convention.

In addition to a foam pit that broke Adriana Chechik’s back when she jumped into it, there were other issues – including stalkers showing up at the event, requiring Amouranth’s security to get involved.

All this drama resulted in Dr Disrespect chiming in on the subject, unleashing his signature violence, speed and momentum on the Amazon-owned platform.

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Dr Disresect slams Twitch over TwitchCon event

Taking to Twitter, the two-time claimed that he’d “hate” to be the face of Twitch with all the drama going on at TwitchCon.

“Looks like a 6th grade Mardi Gras Mother Son dance,” he mocked the streamer get-together, comparing it to an amateur production despite its big budget.

At one point, it’s safe to say that Doc was hailed as one of the faces of Twitch prior to his mysterious ban in the Summer of 2020 that still has the community demanding answers.

While the Champions Club icon ended up taking Twitch to court over the ban, they ended up settling. Sadly, the outcome remains the same for fans who are still unclear why he was banned from the platform to begin with two years ago.

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Despite the legal issue being taken care of, this hasn’t stopped Dr Disrespect from continuing to take shots at Twitch, having forced him to move to YouTube without an exclusive contract like other creators.

It seems like the two-time will continue to speak his mind on his former platform and voice his criticisms, especially as the drama continues to unfold relating to Twitch’s controversial 50-50 revenue split.