Dr Disrespect offered $1M to fight Sam Hyde in Muay Thai

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect and sam hyde fight challenge

Sam Hyde has issued a massive $1M fight offer to YouTuber Dr Disrespect to take him on in Muay Thai.

With influencer boxing becoming quite the popular spectacle in recent years, many fans have wondered when they’d see Dr Disrespect step into the ring for a fight.

Despite being challenged by Epic Meal Time’s Harley following Creator Clash in the past, Doc didn’t seem interested in boxing him, instead responding: “Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability – in terms of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed?”

Now, yet another challenger has thrown his hat into the ring and picked a fight with the two-time, but not in a traditional boxing match.

Dr Disrespect challenged to fight with Sam Hyde

On Twitter, Sam Hyde asked Leafy, Adin Ross, and Keemstar if he should put $1,000,000 on the line to battle Dr Disrespect in the first-ever influencer Muay Thai match.

“I’m small time but a milly to fight on a KSI card is a big deal for even his tier…. If it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make sense but let’s see how this goes,” Sam added.

When Keem voiced his support of the challenge, Sam updated viewers, seemingly suggesting that a contract was on its way to Doc.

“Ok it’s done (this tweet is no longer speculative and is now legally binding),” he revealed.

Sam Hyde claims $1 million Dr Disrespect match is confirmed

That wasn’t the end of Hyde’s offer. On July 31, mere weeks later, Hyde uploaded a fight poster to Twitter where he claimed the fight was all but confirmed for 2024 with a jaw-dropping $1 million purse.

“It’s OFFICIAL,” Hyde wrote. “My FINAL fight. Respect to @DrDisrespect for stepping up (I know this is scary). The first ever influencer muay thai fight with the highest stakes yet… $1,000,000.”

We’ll have to see if the two-time accepts, but it’s not clear if Sam Hyde’s controversy with boxing events will play a factor in Dr Disrespect’s decision. Previously, iDubbbz refused to allow Sam to attend the first Creator Clash for “personal reasons.”

Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait and see if Doc agrees to take the match. However, that $1M offer may be chump change to Dr Disrespect, especially if Kick decides to sign him to his requested $50M contract.