Harley doubles down on Dr Disrespect boxing challenge: “I’ll fight him for free”

Virginia Glaze
Harley wants to fight dr disrespect for free

Epic Meal Time’s Harley is still hoping to take on Dr Disrespect in the boxing ring, saying he’s willing to throw down with the Two-Time for free after his initial callout at Creator Clash this summer.

Creator Clash shook up the world of influencer boxing in a huge way this past summer, pitting 18 personalities against each other to raise over $1.3 million for charity in one of the most buzzed-about fight nights of the year.

There were quite a few bouts that turned heads on this card, but one moment that stood out from the rest happened when Harley Morenstein of ‘Epic Meal Time’ fame called out one of the biggest streamers on the internet — Dr Disrespect.

After defeating the Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson, Harley challenged the Doc outright, saying he’d “only used about 20% of my ability” and “would like to exercise the remaining 80%” against the Two-Time.

“I want to fight someone bigger, I want them to know it’s going down. The Doc – I’m talking to YOU! I’m six foot six. You think you’re tall, you think you’re the Two-Time? This isn’t a game, boy. Let me tell you something – that bulletproof vest you wear isn’t gonna stop these guns!”

Months later, Harley is doubling down on his offer… and even says he’ll take on Dr Disrespect for free.

“I’ll box again for 250k,” Harley wrote in a tweet on August 31. “But if it’s The Doc… I’ll do it for free.”

Will Dr Disrespect ever box Harley?

It’s unclear if the Doc will ever rise to the challenge. He reacted to Harley’s comments during a live stream back in May, but didn’t seem too interested in setting foot in the ring at the time.

“How many times do we have to talk about this? It’s the same thing when you guys say, ‘Timmy is calling you out, you should box Timmy in the ring,'” he said in response to fans’ questions on the subject.

“Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability – in terms of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed?”

Although the Doc’s comments were a bit of a non-answer, it’s clear that Harley isn’t backing down from the idea… and neither are fans.

With iDubbbz confirming a Creator Clash 2 in the works for 2023, there’s a chance we could see Harley reprise his role in the ring — and viewers would love to see the Two-Time make his boxing debut.