Dr Disrespect wants to join Netflix Gaming as platform’s first big streaming star

Isaac McIntyre
Dr Disrespect explaining why Netflix should sign him up as streaming star.

Listen up, Netflix, because Dr Disrespect has a mouthwatering proposal ⁠— the star YouTuber wants to bring his trademark ‘violence, speed, and momentum’ to the titanic Californian video platform as its very first streamer.

Not only does he want to stream on Netflix, the Doc wants to help spearhead the iconic North American giant’s first steps into the streaming realm.

Dr Disrespect has been adrift of an exclusive streaming deal since he was expelled from Twitch for reasons unknown — just weeks after inking a big-money contract, too ⁠— and while he’s still on the rise on YouTube, the boisterous star wants somewhere he can call home again.

Enter, at least in the two-time’s eyes, Netflix Gaming.

The topic of signing with Netflix, and leading a new streaming category with the Californian company, has come up a few times on Dr Disrespect’s recent streams. On July 29, in his latest broadcast, he began peddling his plans again.

There’s one clear message the Doc is pushing: the banned Twitch star believes he and Netflix should join forces to begin building a streaming empire.

Dr Disrespect laughs at differences between YouTube and Twitch streaming.
Dr Disrespect was once a Twitch superstar, before a mysterious perma-ban on June 26.

He announced: “I would be open to taking a seat at Netflix.”

“I’m willing to sit down at the table. Black suit, black tie. Hair in a ponytail. Prototypes stay on, of course. I could be the head of the Netflix streaming platform. I’d help them put together the most interactive, dominating streaming platform. With the power of Netflix, imagine what you could offer too.

“There’s Hulu, Amazon, these digital platforms that are streaming video now. So Netflix really has to get in [to streaming] to stay ahead. They’re still the leader, they have the brand and images, and now’s the time to build on those.

“That’s what will separate you, Netflix, from all the others. There’s a big chance here. I’m just talking now, throwing stuff out, but think about it. Think about it.”

Dr Disrespect streaming Warzone on Twitch
Dr Disrespect — played by Herschel “Guy” Beahm — has been streaming unsigned on YouTube since late 2020.

The two-time has big dreams about what Netflix streamers could pull off with the full backing of the world-famous Californian video giant behind them too.

He rattled off a number of these ideas in his July 29 stream, staring into his streaming camera ⁠— to speak to Netflix, of course ⁠— the whole time. There were movie templates, film viewing parties, premieres, and more.

“Come on guys, imagine it… cameras, built into the movies. 

“Pre-packaged templates for movies, for people who want higher productions for their streams. Netflix could provide that. Let’s think big here! We’re not talking about clips, gifted memberships. I mean, holy sh*t, think bigger!”

Dr Disrespect continued: “There’s so much you could do starting from the ground up. Super interactive streams, chat tools, streamer tools. Tons of viewer incentives. I’m just thinking out loud here.”

⁠And the biggest question: how would fans be able to “Netflix & Chill” if the Doc was streaming? Well, he’s figured that out too: “Watch your movie, watch your streamer, put it picture-in-picture. Come on guys, this is easy, wake up!”

It looks like Dr Disrespect has ironed out all the kinks about a move, so there’s only one thing left; Netflix has to come to the table. There are question marks, sure (the mysterious Twitch ban reason, for one), but it’s an undeniably tantalizing offer, especially as Netflix looks to forge a path into gaming.

There’s been no solid rumors yet — Dexerto will update you when there are — but on paper, it makes sense for just one reason: the Doc looks killer in red and black.

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