Dr Disrespect considering “break” from streaming & Warzone

Dr Disrespect Warzone stream rageYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming and gaming legend Dr Disrespect has revealed that he might have to take a break from his stream, adding that the release of Battlefield 6 and its rumored battle royale mode is needed.

Dr Disrespect has been struggling somewhat in his stream, clearly not a huge fan of Warzone but finding it difficult to latch onto another game that’s as popular that he can happily stream.

He’s definitely somewhere in streamer limbo right now and isn’t afraid to let his fans know.

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After several hours of playing on June 1, the Doc suggested that he might have to take a break, especially if something doesn’t come along to replace Warzone any time soon.

Nakatomi Plaza in WarzoneActivision
The Doc says Nakatomi Plaza is the only good thing in Warzone right now.

After several rough games, the Two-Time explained why he’s considering taking a break.

“We gotta figure out some new games,” he said while flying in to Verdansk. “Like, we really actually have to take that seriously. Or, I’m not going to stream, I will take a break if needed.”

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He later added that he’s “over everything in Warzone right now,” and agreed with a viewer that “it’s time for Battlefield 6.” This came after frequent Semtex sticks, stun grenade deaths, and, to round out the stream, a quick death from a rooftop sniper.

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The Doc has spoken in the past about how he believes Battlefield 6 will be equipped to compete with Warzone, which has been an astronomical success for Call of Duty and Activision.

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The Battlefield reveal is due to take place on Wednesday, June 9, giving players their first glimpse of what to expect from the new game. Whether Dr Disrespect gets what he wants, though, remains to be seen.

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