Dr Disrespect finally uninstalls Warzone and explains why he’s had enough

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and Warzone character in the gas

After threatening to quit Warzone for a while, Dr Disrespect has finally followed through on those threats, uninstalling the battle royale and explaining his frustrations with it. 

While his background is in Call of Duty and Halo, Dr Disrespect became an internet star through the rise of battle royales. He’s played them all from H1Z1 and Radical Heights to Firestorm and Warzone.

The Call of Duty take on the battle royale might seem like a match made in heaven for him, but for months he’s had issues. Just like everyone else, he’s been frustrated by hackers, dead silence, and a litany of other issues.

The Doc is always on the verge of losing his temper and unleashing his signature, which usually ends up with him uninstalling a game and quitting it for good. He’s threatened that a few times for Warzone, but now it’s finally happened.

Dr Disrespect YouTube Call of Duty Warzone
The Doc never pulls his punches when complaining about something.

During his July 21 stream, the Doc was hosting another round of his trademark triple threat challenge, looking for wins in Warzone, PUBG, and Rogue Company.

After a few attempts at picking up the dub in Verdansk, he’d had enough and after a loss in the Gulag he finally uninstalled the game. “I’m just gonna f**king uninstall this game,” he said, before heading to the Battle Net launcher and starting the uninstall process. “It’s boring, it’s sickening, I can’t see f**king anybody in it, I can’t hear anything, there are loud explosions, and I’m bored of it.”

The Two-Time switched over to Apex Legends, which he’s had his problems with in the past, and explained a bit more about why he’s annoyed about Warzone. “I think I’m playing bad in that game because I’m just not interested in it at all anymore,” he continued.

Timestamp of 2:42:11

The Doc added that he’s seen everything that Warzone has to offer too, and it’s not exactly been freshened up in the way he’d like.

In his following stream, the YouTube star stuck to Halo and didn’t make an instant return to Warzone. He could at some point in the future, he routinely uninstalled Fortnite before returning shortly after when that was popular, so we’ll have to wait and see.