Dr Disrespect has started to reappear on Twitch in shock Fortnite advert

Emma Hill
Dr Disrespect with Fortnite logo

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect makes a surprise appearance in a Fortnite advert on Twitch, fans have discovered. It comes after several creators have risked suspensions for playing with the Doc, who was famously perma-banned from Twitch. 

Dr Disrespect‘s famous feud with Twitch is still a hot topic among the streaming community. After receiving an unexpected permanent ban from the platform, what followed was a fiery legal dispute which would last for nearly two years.

However, Twitch and the Doc finally patched up their differences in March 2022. However, fans have been left with more questions than answers as he remained banned from Twitch and there was no official reason given in the first place.

So, it’s no surprise that fans were shocked to see Dr Disrespect’s appearance in a Fortnite advert that is circulating on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect streaming in front of screen
Dr Disrespect may have settled his legal dispute with Twitch, but fans were still surprised to see him in an advert on the platform.

Dr Disrespect appears in Twitch Fortnite advert

In a video shared on Twitter, fans were shocked to see Dr Disrespect pop up an advert promoting ‘Fortnite: Zero Build’ mode on Twitch.

Several streamers from both YouTube and Twitch can also be seen in the video including, NICKMERCS, Disguised Toast, and Valkyrae. However, it was the Doc’s appearance that proved particularly surprising to viewers given his turbulent history with Twitch.

Not only that, but various content creators have risked being suspended from the Amazon-owned platform after including the banned streamer in their content.

Given the Doc’s relationship with Twitch, fans found the clip hilarious. However, others were also confused about how he would be allowed to be shown in the ad.

One Twitter user explained: “It’s an ad by a company not affiliated with Twitch or Amazon, it does not matter who is in it as long as Twitch is getting the revenue from it.”

Others, though, pointed out that the circumstances between Twitch and Dr Disrespect are different from those of other streamers who have moved to YouTube. One user claimed: “Valkyrae isn’t banned from Twitch and the Doc famously is. So it’s interesting he’s allowed on the platform in the form of an ad but not to play with his friends.”

There’s no word from Dr Disrespect about the ad, as of writing. However, the mystery surrounding the state of his relationship with Twitch continues to build.

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