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Optic HECZ reveals his favorite sneakers from insane $100,000 collection

Published: 13/Sep/2021 20:07

by Alan Bernal


Legendary OpTic Gaming founder Hector ‘HECZ’ Rodriguez has taken us inside his incredible $100,000 sneaker closet to show off some of his most expensive (and ugliest) footwear.

Fans know the Greenwall and its players like to keep it drippy – showing up with plenty of heat to events and expos.

As HECZ explains in the first episode of Creator Tours — in association with Turtle Wax — he couldn’t cop a ton of kicks when he was younger, but judging by the vast array of sneakers in his home, he’s certainly made up for it. He has a closet full of creps from Jordans to Yeezys, and the collection just keeps on growing.


The OpTic Owner’s love for sneakers runs deep from hypebeast favorites like Air Jordan 4 KAWS and Boost 750s to guilty pleasure pairs like his “ugly, overpriced crocs,” also known as the Yeezy Foam RNNRs.

HECZ’s most expensive pair: Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room – Chicago

sneaker optic hecz influenced The mother of grails for many sneaker heads, the AJ 1 Trophy Room Chicago.

Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room released in a limited-run at retail for $190, but only 12,000 pairs were made. This was a memorable purchase for the 41-year-old, but it came with a heavy cost.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention, I was a little dumb,” he said of his biggest sneaker regret. “I bought these for the same amount that the Friends & Family cost.”

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Though it’s not F&F, HECZ still managed to get pair #4,228 and these can cost you around $5,900. While there’s plenty of heat in his closet, this one has the biggest price tag attached to it .

HECZ’s favorite shoe to wear (beaters): Undefeated x Adidas Ultraboost

sneaker optic hecz influenced When HECZ is looking for comfort wear, he’s reaching for Undefeated’s UBs.

There are grails and then there’s plain comfortable sneakers you wear on the road. HECZ is one of the busiest people in esports, and the Undefeated x Adidas Ultraboost are his go-to beaters.

“These Undefeated Ultraboosts- These will forever be my favorite shoe to wear,” he said. “I can wear these at any E3, at any Twitchcon, at any MLG event, all day long, and my feet will never hurt.”


He has two pairs each of the white and black Undefeated UBs, which get plenty of use throughout the year.

HECZ’s favorite shoe of all time: Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

sneaker optic hecz influenced Sneaker legend: AJ 1. Esports legend: HECZ. Game recognize game.

The Jordan 1s have a special place in HECZ’s story growing up in Juarez. Before he even knew about the legacy of His Airness, young Hector loved his Jordache trainers, one of many athletic wear pieces influenced by the AJ1s.

“When I lived in Juarez, Mexico, I used to wear Jordaches… This is before I even knew who Michael Jordan was,” he explained. “I remember as a kid, not speaking English in Mexico, thinking the way you spelled ‘Jordan’ was ‘Jordache.’ I thought that Americans were English-speaking people and that’s the way they said ‘Jordache,’ they said ‘Jordan.’


Now, HECZ is one of the most accomplished figures in Call of Duty and esports at large, but he still rates the timeless silhouette as his favorite sneaker of all time.

HECZ’s ugliest shoe: adidas Yeezy Foam RNNRs

The Foam RNNRs couldn’t be uglier, but the Greenwall legend sure does loves them.

HECZ has two pairs of these, which he describes as “the ugliest shoe I’ve ever seen.” They’re the Yeezy Foam RNNRs and they couldn’t look worse to the OG boss– but boy does he love them.

“I’m not going to follow the ‘hypebeast’ route, where I’m not gonna get something because they’re super valuable,” he explained. “To give you an example: these ugly, pieces of s**t.”


If you don’t care about ugly shoes and don’t mind spending about $775 for a pair, then he highly recommends the Foam RNNRs.

Going through HECZ’s $100,000 sneaker collection revealed plenty of rare entries like the MF DOOM Dunks and classic picks like Jordan 3 Breds.

Watch Dexerto’s full Creator Tour, sponsored by Turtle Wax, to see the complete sneaker collection.