Dr Disrespect cuts ties with Esports Awards after Twitch ban censorship

Michael Gwilliam
DrDisrespect cuts ties with esports awards over twitch ban

YouTube star Dr Disrespect has announced he is cutting ties with the Esports Awards after they bowed to Twitch’s rules on showing banned streamers during the event.

The Esports Awards is an annual event where those in the industry are honored. From teams, players, coaches, commentators, websites and even streamers – there are plenty to go around.

Being the top tier entertainer that he is, the two-time was nominated as one of the finalists for the 2021 Streamer of the Year Award. Poggers, right?

Well, for Doc, because the award show was broadcasted on Twitch, a platform he was mysteriously permanently banned from, they had to censor his nomination – something the 6’6 gaming icon was not happy about.

Dr Disrespect puts Esports Awards on blast

In response to a fan asking if the two-time had received his Esports Awards, Doc was baffled and went on a tirade about why he wants nothing to do with them any longer.

“We had a good run with Esports Awards. After this last one, at this point, don’t even mention the Doc,” he said, shaking his head. “Don’t even throw me up on any social media, don’t do anything. The first year dropping me completely. And then this year…”

In order to comply with Twitch’s rules about banned streamers, the Esports Awards didn’t show Doc at all and even muted his gameplay during the presentation while everyone else had their faces and audio intact.

“Don’t even involve me whatsoever! The credibility from me…” he seethed, clearly upset talking about the whole debacle.

Dr Disrespect isn’t taking his Twitch ban lightly either. In the time since his move to YouTube, he has stated he plans on suing the platform and knows exactly why he was banned, though he hasn’t shared the reason publicly yet.

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